Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Podcast Idea's

The real post of the day is right under this one so you can skip this if you don't want to read anything about me starting a podcast.

Okaj let's get started

Soooo right now I've got 8 people that want me to start a podcast (2 want Goldmaking 6 want it all)
and one that said: Heeeeelllll NO.

so of right now: the dude who said: heeeeelllll NO, I'm sorry but you'r losing and the podcast is probably going to start in the next couple of weeks.

Well about the post right now:
If the podcast is comming I don't want a 2minute thing.. I want the 30min-1h podcast every week.
But ofcourse I need a couple of things for this. Ideas, collumns, Q&A, etc etc.

Now to come to my point tbh:
IF you have an idea, comment, want something in the podcast: Comment/mail me.
IF you want to help, do a show with me, got some questions you want awnsered at the podcast: Mail me.
IF there is anything else: comment.

And trolls I'm talking to you too! I know I atleast have one so please give me some trolling love and do a comment.



  1. Hey Seth, I just voted a big ole' "YES, make one about WOW!" While I'd love to hear it centered around gold making, I think adding some personal or other wow related subject filler would be great :)

  2. Can't wait for your podcast,

    Had been listen to Scott and Randy for quite a long time now....

    will stay tuned

    What topic will the podcast cover btw?

  3. Just created a LJ account - I've been lurking on blogs for a while now so this is my first blog comment. I think you should podcast if you feel the urge - creativity is one of those things to pay attention to in order for it to develop.

    As to content... as above, going with what you're fired up about will help things stay fresh - don't sacrifice structure to fill a span of time 'just because' you want an hour or whatnot. With all the recent economy-based blogs popping up now it also seems like many are quoting/responding to each other (Gevlon often referenced)... just try to maintain your own voice.

  4. Zernam,
    Thanks for your comment always feels good to receive such praise. And I will certainly keep your excellent point in mind for the podcast!


  5. Great idea, I listed to the mmoauctioneer podcast with great interest, I was sad to go back to regular radio on my drive to work after it was over. It was probably the biggest learning experience when it comes to using the auction house in WOW I've gotten from any single source.
    Perhaps you could pick up where it left off. He did a series where he went from a few copper to a thousand gold by flipping items.
    You could cover some of the other ways to make money off the AH.
    One thing I would personally like is getting everything off the AH or other gatherers directly, no spending time farming on your own.

    I like that approach because I personally no longer have time to play so logging in for 10 minutes in the morning and making some investments and putting things up for sale becomes a new and different game for me.

  6. Klaus,
    Thanks for your comment.
    But i'm going to be honest though: I'm not, absolutly not, going to take over from another show, I'm going to try to do my own thing, or do stuff with my own style. So I'm not picking up where they stopped, If some segments cross however, thats possible, but absolutly with my own style.


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