Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bloggers Blog: Podcasts and "stuff"

Welcome again for the second edition of the Bloggers blog. Before I start I would say: Welcome to the 105th post! seriously I went past 100 with out seeing. so yeah...

Oki I listend to my first Podcast: The Instance.. after the first episode I just downloaded all the ones on Itunes. then went back and downloaded Twisted nether too.
I loved it , seriously I love it. I'm sitting at work with my Ipod (120G baby!) in my ear just listening while working. And its awesome.

Why did I download my first Podcast? Well.... I'm thinking... of like... euhm... you know... starting one...

On other news... again have a look at my Blogroll, a lot of intereting things are going on on the blogsphere.

Most important (for me) is this:
Hit The Cap, Is a new gold-making money blog and it's great. Seriously it's off to a great start, nicely written and I can't wait untill the next post. The author said I - and many others - inspired her to write the blog and if that's true: Thank you.
Greedy Goblin left his guild and is switching servers! Great posts and fairly big news in my limited Blogsphere.

So to conclude I'm having a poll at the side: Do you want a general/goldmaking WoWblog by yours truly? (and friends)


Edit: changed the "around the blogsphere" part


  1. Hate to say it but it appears Tella from HitTheCap posted a comment on pretty much every single WoW money making blog saying 'they inspired her' - seems like a way to get cheap publicity and links back to his/her site to me ;(

    Still as for the main bit of the post - Yes for the podcast! But please make it about gold making... general WoW podcasts are too broad in scope and could often become boring to certain people.

    For example, people who don't care about raiding will be bored when you mention that... same with any topic: pvp, pve, guilds etc.

    The only single factor that all your blog readers really have in common is gold making!

    Go for that, and you can't go wrong :)

  2. Sarainy,

    Thank you for your comment,
    and yes indeed, I saw that Tella did that, though if every one on the blogsphere inspired her a bit, it's good too. just to know that we actually achieve something with the time spend here :)

    Thank you for the comment, and for the vote, and just for being here


  3. Seth and Sarainy -

    You both inspired me to write :) I wrote a post explaining a little bit more, and no im not going to link to it, lol, this is just a heads up that its there. I'd appreciate it if you both read it.

  4. Deff. do the podcast! I think its an awesome idea and I can't wait to hear it! =)

    On a side note I agree with Sarainy...Tella's advertising methods were/are a bit low for my tastse... =/

    -Coffelord Jenkins
    Gm of [The Horde Mercenaries]
    Former author of The Midnight Wow Junky blog

  5. Forgot too say in my comment that I'm not saying its a bad blog. I actually like the blog very much I was just saying that I don't approve of the advertising methods used to promote said blog.