Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday Morning idea's edition

Hey hey !
*song* I'm back I'm back*

So I've been quiet lately, long hours at work, and some personal problems made WoW, blogging and others a bit difficult. Well it should be over now.

So i've been doing a lot of trading this week and now fully control the Rigid King's amber and the Runed Cardinal Ruby market. (post once every day for only 10G profit +/- 160G)
No-one is even trying to get under my price, and if they do I sell with 1G to even 50s silver. (including the AH cut etc etc)

But There was something missing... I Don't have enough time to do my daily JC quest everyday, and most off the tokens I use for the Dragons eye to improve my raiding gear.
So I needed another way to make decent money.
So what did I do?
invested 8K gold in gems, and are selling slowly to have a steady income. (about 500-600G a day)
Bought 2x Mychals botanic bag. (800G)
Dropped mining on Ari and picked up herbalism (240skill right now)
Dropping Skinning on Ello├źn. and....



Yes before all the rants start... I said I would never ever take inscription. Yes, uhuh I know.
Yes, indeed, uhuh, now SHHHH!
As a "bussiness" man I had to take the opertunity. The market for glyphs is so huge, and uncontrolled that well it needs a banker... seriously.
I see glyphs selling for 60-100G! I can cut the price in half (customer happy), Get some good and easy gold (I'm happy) and others will sell a lot less (sellers not happy, which in turn makes me happy)

So yes Ari is maxing out her herbing skill so that Ell has enough herbs to minimize the costs.
When the skill is maximized I can start making profit on it.
When that is done, I'm going to grind for some more herbs. Then drop herbing and take Alchemy. To get my hand in the Alchemy market.

So if all goes well in 1 to 2 weeks time I'll have my hand in:
-Parts of the gem market
- whole Glyph market
- LW market (not that this actually is worthwile -_-)
- Alchemy market (mainly changing and selling gems)

Hope all goes well!
Any ideas or some comments are welcome!!!



  1. one problem - You can't take whole glyph market in a week. Big part of it are random discovered glyphs - it takes more than 2 months to learn them all.

  2. Philipp,
    Yes I know that...
    from the blog
    "So if all goes well in 1 to 2 weeks time I'll have my hand in"
    Having a hand in, is dabbling in a market, not controlling it :-)

    Thank you for the comment!

  3. only "- whole Glyph market" is the irritating part ;-)

    But go for it! I have started my Inscription alt 2 weeks ago and I am making 3k per day with lvling Glyphs, my daylie research glyphs and a good amount of Book of Glyph Mastery Glyphs (only 20 books left for all glyphs) Only probleme is to get them cheap and a huge amount of Books ^^ They are selling over 100g on my server (recommended - low pop server) and if I get every glyph before next season start, I will end with gold cap until next addon ^^

    So hope you go there too