Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Deep Thoughts Wednesday: I missed ya!

Oooooh I missed Deep thoughts wednesday! Yes I have.

'Cause it's been so long I'm just going to spit out everything at once, just "smaller" as I would normally do:

First off all: Yogg-Saron. Our guild came in inches yesterday of downing him for the first time.
Time after time we failed. We discussed what went wrong, changed it and tried again. We didn't even made it through the first phase. A lot more trying and clear heads are needed before we are going to ever down him.

Officers: I love my officers I swear I do. But if they start messing up the schedule of Raiding that I made = Bad. Got one member pissed, 3 in confusion. It was bad. Though it wasn't drama, it could've been if we weren't as tight as we are.

Catacalysm: Can't wait... I want a goblin banker, just for the sake of it and I want a Worgen Druid and Warlock! Could they get on and give uss more info already?

Weekends: God last month I hated weekends, every weekend full with vacations and work.
Vacation to Ieper (ypres), La Roche, Spa and work on other 2 ... Can't I just take a breath?

Leveling: Started lvling with my girlfriend again, she wants a kitty dps, I started a mage and I don't know if it's the best way to go... also no 20% speed increase. God's help me but I want to see azeroth again before they fck it up and blast it into nothingness. (comments about something with synergy or a good lvling pair for druid kitty are welcome)

Banking: This is something I love and yet with all the raids, lvling, work, study etc etc I don't have much time for it these days... if I just got my weekends back... *mumbles*

aaaand all the other mashizzle.
Got something to get off your chest do it in this post, put it in this comment and hope it makes you feel a lill better.


  1. i know you said she wants to roll kitty....

    but the best leveling pair i've ever seen is resto druid and warlock.

    with lock health = mana, then get healed by the tree's mana regen, dot dot dot, dot dot dot. you literally never have to stop killing things. there's no drinking/eating. ever.

  2. Hokie,
    Yes I know that...
    problem is well,
    you go and say that to her, at least she can't beat the living crap out of you irl! I'll get aggro in a second!

    oki serious now, she reaaaaally wants a kitty, cause its "cute". maybe i'll be lucky and she'l dualspec on lvl40... fingers crossed

  3. Very nice blog. :) Definitely added to my blog list over on mine. :)

  4. Best thing in this case is to have another kitty/bear next to hers, allthough it is a great class for solo-leveling anyways (I have an 80 druid, never needed help from anybody, never grouped)