Sunday, June 7, 2009

Monday Morning Hangover: Politics

oooh Boy it was a weekend.
Saturday most of my day was Wife, WoW and mates. Doing VoA 10 and 25 and clearing 2 wings of naxx i severly lost track of time, and just forgot about the video. (im still searching on a subject for that one too!)
Sunday it was aaaalll Politics. It was the day of the European election but also for our Flemish Goverment, so most of my day was spend in front of the tube. Crying and swearing that the guys where i vote on (and am a member of) we're losing severly.

This got me thinking about WoW though...(hopefully that ain't an addiction warning)
In RL if someone makes a mistake in politics they ussually pay for it. And Pay bigtime sometimes. (10% loss in the election)
Well the same happens in WoW actually though slightly diffrent. On my Naxrun of Saturday, it was my first time with Elloën as a RL and my first time ever to lead a PuG, my main was a RL untill the guild quited raiding and i transferred here to Ravenholdt, but i never ever leaded a pug before. Well i got everything together, took some extra flasks with me (bought them cheap) and sold them at pug members for 2G profit, (always take flasks to a pug raid, most of them forget to buy them)
Well i've had a great run the first two quarters. then things got hot and heavy.
Construct quarter: Patchwerk. First mistake of a member: didnt repair and died. so He needed to fly back to repair come back again, and died 2 more times because of the slimes taking half the raid (about 11) along to his death! Flaming started and i really needed to spam Raid to keep everyone in it. (god i hate not having ventrillo)
We died 3 times at patchwerk, as the RL this is my fault, someone not dps'ing enough? undergeared? i'm responsible for the deaths and trouble. So ofc my head rolled after the 3th time and we broke apart. This small ex. to just show you that even in WoW you take your respnsibilities, sometimes without even choosing it. If you pût something in AH and it sells for 25s instead of 25G = you lose money! if you like it or not you will lose money. trouble in the guild? officers are responisble and the guild can turn against them.

Oh well posts to read up:
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Enjoy your first workday of this new week!



  1. The setting now actually reward incompetence unless RL/Officer put effort on it. There will be a post on this. (I did drafted it for 2 weeks now)

    And my opinion on Naxx, always do the Patchwerk first, since it's the M&S killer, kick everyone who do not pass the threshold right there(and sign up only people agree with that), then you'll fine for the rest of naxx's lower level.

    It had been a busy week for all of us :)

  2. I have never enjoyed pugging, but things are so much worse now it seems to me. A single wipe and frequently enough people bail to break the raid.

    Especially if it is a 25, then just make sure you have an engineer and a lock. If you are bringing flasks, you could be a nice RL and also bring some repair/scrap bots to give to an engineer to drop for people to repair. Locks are great for bringing in replacements or repairers, but also if a lock makes it through, don't rely on people to make it past the respawn slime or Frogger, just summon them to Patch. With the new summoning portal a lock can create the portal, hearth, repair and get summoned back before it expires.

    Although if you do wipe, you can save the repairbot and have someone mount up on their TT Mammouth outside the stone.

  3. Zekta and Ano, I agree with you both.

    for the record though: we didnt find a lock for the raid.

    Ano. the repair bot is indeed very usefull, and i will see what the mats or something are so i can pick them up. Well i'm going to be honest though, one of these weeks Ell (my main on Raven) will put up his own guild. already used 3K to buy stuff for it and another 2K is going to the bank... hopefully it'll work out.

    So if anyone wants to start raiding with me :) or youre just a new lvl80 (or 60+) => and sign up ;) (shameless self promotion!)


  4. So true at the politics crap -.-

    Luckily it was in-and-out for me, no long queues at the voting bureaus :D

    And heh @ selling flasks to PuG members - that's certainly an interesting way of paying for your repairs ^^