Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday morning hangover: eating money

pffff weekends eat my money away, friday night i was up to 6K in money and 10K worth, today i can say without blushing im at 5K and 7K worth (!!!) my "main" on Ravenholdt dinged 80 and needed some stuff....
1) powerlvling cooking
2) buying flasks for raiding
3) heavy repair bills (about 100G a day (!))
so money is a aspect of the game which i need to pay more attention on these days, but ofcourse the small AH isnt in my favor, a lot of niche markets have dissapeared, (arrows and bullets are now selling cheaper then the boxes) markets are overflowing, and others are dry and too hard to farm (arctic furs, which i need myself)

So trading wasnt that good this weekend, i also didnt have time for a vid (i'm sorry!)
But this gives you the chance to give a comment on what you want to see in the video... (hint hint)

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and take care

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