Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Crafters Gold: Low-level Inscription... andi mean low

So Remember my warlock? he's lvl idunno 16? right now. I didnt have much time to play him, or even log him on the last 2 days, what i do know though is that my prejudice of Inscription was wrong... so terribly awfully wrong.

DamiƤn's (the warlock) inscription is up and about 90skillpoints, which ain't worth nothing for most proffesions. well, i'm 90 and have done 3 orso daily minor researches. with that i got ofc 3 minor glyphs.
2 out of 3 sell well: Glyph of charge (?) and glyph of bloodrage. Both are for a warrior and both can be sold at my ah for about 10G. while the mats to make them cost about 1G. I sold 3 of each, every day for 3 days. which gave me a 54G profit, just to log-in on an alt (!) now ofc 54G isnt much but its something, certainly if it's your first char, and you farm the mats... do you hear the money rolling?
Ofcourse this can expand... if i'm getting 10glyphs to sell at 10G ... just do the math.

If you just started playing, or want a good way to start making your money, this is really it.
farming herbs and leather can be nice profit, same for ore and leather. But inscription, really takes it to a next level. Though i still believe with some effort i could do the same with low-lvl Jc, i'll need more mat's to buy (less profit) or more time to do it (less profit).

quick recap:
1) low-lvl Inscription = Amazing
2) probably the top gold maker for characters between lvl5-20!



  1. I don't think you could do the same thing with a low level JC. Everyone grinds the same recipes to level a JC, but with a few lucky Inscription researches (Bloodrage, Charge, Battle, Water Breathing, Ghost Wolf) you can make a ton of gold. I have a level 19 twink who's made over 10k just from minor glyphs she's sold.

  2. You see its a case of reverse psychology.
    Most skill level grinders have the understanding of the higher the level of skill, in this case glyphs, the more money it will fetch, meaning level this skill ASAP as far as possible.

    An example would be me moving from herbalism to tailoring where I have been levelling the skill as quick as I could thus making 30+ of an item and running out of bag space. Now I dont want to go and flood the AH market with 30+ of an item so to save time (time=money) i just vendor 95% of the items I make, unless its a special (blue/purple) pattern.

    The lower range market is always thirsty for gear and items and glyphs are no exception specially for the cash strapped player trying to buy his first glyphs and not looking to pay 20-50G

  3. Bloodshrike,
    actually i made a couple of hundred gold just with low-lvl jc, everyone has the same patterns, yes thats true, but almost no-one makes them.

    i totally agree with your statement. And it's something most people forget

  4. sadly with Inscription on my realm people see the damn glyphs for 60silver or less on most of them..... tho a few sell for 10g+ tho they are very competitive