Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Crafter's Gold: Diamonds and necklaces

You're weekly post that makes even the sadest of proffesions in a Gold-Making Machine!

We all like some Bling-Bling! And from lvl 25+ it's easy to get some rings and 30+ for your necklace... But you have to admit below that there's almost nothing to be found... except for jewelcrafting.
all lvl10-20 rings you have are goldmines, Yes, i know that every jc can make them. But almost no-one does. Even if your a high lvl character, you can easily make 5 rings/necks each of below lvl 20 and i promise most of them will sell. For the lower-level characters this can be your way to your first 100G, for others this can be a nice "side" income of a couple of G. Even when buying the mats for it, you'll still make profit. Ofc the high lvl gems are always a good seller.

And for those Gems (sockets) i have a tip for you. A lot of people post at the AH. And let's be frank, do you like searching through 7 pages of Red, 4 pages of purple and 6 pages of orange gems just to find the one you want to equip? A lot of people don't like it, they will still do it though since its the only way to get them. But you can corner it a diffrent way:

[2 Trade:] [Monetize] Selling some \Jewelcrafting/ for the guys and gals who love the bling bling! whisper me for a complete list or let me know what you are searching for!

The latter of this ad. Gives the customer the ability just to say: +16str Red plz. Which means less trouble for him = he's happy. when he's happy: he'll buy from you the next time he ,needs something. you may not believe it, but this can get you more to sell, and actually also a bit more expensive then on the AH. Also remember this: If you raid with your JC, try and bring a full bag of jewelcrafting mats, and after a boss, ask the raid, or W the person who won a socketed item, if they need something. 50% of them will want it.

This was my small post of today, since I'm low on time I'll keep it with this.

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  1. About low level craftable item,
    I also sell Mechanical Squirrel Box, which cost 50s-1g in material, but easily sell at 8-10g.

    Indeed, many people had the recipt, but none of them bother crafting them...
    A little strange to me though...
    I just craft 8 in a row, and let my bank-alt keep posting it.