Thursday, June 18, 2009

1G plz!:In light of 3.2: Saved money = profit

I'm sitting here for the last two hours, and I have a writersblock. I haven't slept decently in the last week or 2, Work is getting a pain in the butt and to top it off i bought another game, which me and my wife played for hours yesterday, only doing my cooking quest on WoW.

But maybe I finally found a topic.

First of: if Titanium ore is under 2G a piece on your server buy them! and hold them untill 3.2 drops. (Most of you should already know this, so sorry for the late comment on this one) The reason why is simple: Titanium ore can be prospect for epic gems in 3.2

But up for the post:
We all know about the travel changes in 3.2 if not here's a small list
ground mount = lvl20 (5g for learning and mount together!)
epic groung mount = lvl40
flying mount = lvl60 (flying will now decrease with your standing)

Why Am i talking about this, well aside from the fact that it makes the lvling easier... again... (personally i htink it's a bit sad, Bliz is so ready to give up the difficulty of old content)
It also saves you a lot of cash! And that from the Banker or Goblins standpoint is the most beautifull thing in the universe! So my Advice here is quite simple:
- Don't lvl alts untill 3.2
- Don't buy epic flying! (normal flyspeed = 150% in 3.2)
- If you do want epic flying = get it when 3.2 drops
On the epic flying this can save you about 1500G! now, when is the last time you made 1500G in one day? Well if you are reading these tips you probably haven't (or you just like my blog very much)

Again sorry for the video's, i'm still deciding what to do with it.. Comment, hint, hint *cough* HINT *cough* /giggle
This weekend I might get off another post, since the last week I noticed my posts getting smaller, so i'll game a bit, look at AH find something usefull and I'll be dumb and share it with you guys, so my server will be flooded with it. Nah, ok serious now, i'll find something decent to write about this weekend and search for that golden tip I like to give.


Remember: A fortune starts with one copper!


  1. - Don't lvl alts untill 3.2
    Can you?
    I know I can’t XD

    3.2 is so far away, and I am playing my little shaman with my girl friends’s hunter. (currently level 30) I guess I’ll be at least 60-70 level by then.

    The 40lv 100% mount is pretty attractive though… I hope that won’t be a long waiting for 3.2, or I’ll have yet another alt? OMG…

  2. lvl ur alts to lvl 20

  3. well to be honest, i have a lvl18 warlock, which im putting abay untill 3.2
    but i also have a 44 shaman and 45 warrior, who i know i'll keep playing ^^
    i just give the tips, doesn't always mean i CAN follow them ^^
    My name is Seth and i'm an Altaholic

  4. 3.2 isn't on the PTR yet. and it has new content [new tourney "instance"]. so it's not just a "patch".

    these two facts alone could conceivably put the patch 2 months out. other than some cheap titanium, i wouldn't alter playstyle much yet.

  5. Why the 2g threshold for Titanium Ore? That's 10g per 5-stack/prospect.
    Why 2g?

  6. re:2g threshold of titanium ore-
    That's probably because that's what what's considered normal price on their server. I know titanium use to sell for 4-5g each on my server and is now going for 9-10g each since the announcement.

    "personally i htink it's a bit sad, Bliz is so ready to give up the difficulty of old content"
    That's a silly comment. Lowering the mounts doesn't make it less difficult (just faster). As someone who has levelled 4 alts already this is a welcome relief.

    "Don't lvl alts untill 3.2"???
    What and miss out on the +10%xp boost from the Midsummer Fire Festival?? By the time 3.2 drops the festival will be over and as much as a faster mount will help get around I would much rather prefer the +10%xp buff from the festival.

    Finally, perhaps you should consider a post on the opportunities the festival brings.