Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Deep thoughts: Who are you? - I'm me!

Well, it seems that the money making has taken a little dive this last week.
Probably because i haven't spend that much time on it. The new guild has taken a lot of my time lately, so does work, and does my wife. I promise it'll be better... soon... i hope...plz?

All the silly things aside, I'm getting used to the 5 -10 orso emails dropping in my mailbox a week for a thank you note or a help me question. I'm getting used to the ppl i helped on the server, Wing me for more moneymaking goodness... But this one was a first: I stumbled on a reader! A guildie even, someone who i haven't recruited even a week ago... so that was a pleasant suprise, what was even better: he liked the blog... so that was double good. I know the blog is becomming more popular, I started out with about 10pagevieuws a day, now I'm at 250~ orso.
Not a whole lot but still a good number. So ....

hehe ^^

Okaj sorry about the sillyness again, I just can't help it!
There will be an extra post here today! so just hold up and get your farmers weekly when it's out!

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