Sunday, June 21, 2009

Monday Morning Hang Over: Friday's post

In light of my Fridays post, i got a lot of commetns regarding the Alts.
Why Wait untill 3.2? => its only one month away since the ptr patchnotes are up.
So if you haven't got one, this is valid advice, if you already have an alt let's say 20+ well go ahaid and lvl it.
On the Part where i say that it's sad that bliz lowers the difficulty of Old Content And to my commenter on that:
It's not only the mounts... It's the heirlooms, recruit a friend, the quests, the leveltime (remember the 20-60 lvl nerf?) the nerfing of dungeons (byebye Mallet of Zul Farak) about EVERYTHING that was Vanilla has fallen away or is shrinking in a corner crying and hoping it won't get cut down! And YES it IS sad! I don't care that you have lvled 4 alts... i have 3x 60's 4x70's and 4x80's All leveled over the course of 4 years. And i Loved leveling them, Yes loved it. Why cause it made sense too! It made sense to Pug and wipe in silly lvl30 dungeons to know your class, it made sense to buy that blue lvl40 items since you would be using it 10hours instead the mere 2hours you'll be spending now? It made sense to swear at lvl40's with mounts, It made sense to love your Travel form, Ghost Wolf or Aspect of the Cheetah. What is left of it?

Absolutly NOTHING... And yes it's Sad... Newer Players will love the changes ofcourse, and people who want to blaze to endgame will love it. Personally I want to learn how to play my class before lvl80, I want to learn how to tank with my warrior in old dungeons, i want to heal ZulFarak with his hammer again. IF you want to take the easy road and love it? Be my guest. But don't say it's for the better, no, heeeelllll no, It's just because your to slow,tired,dumb, new, burned out, what ever. to do it the old way.
So here is what I and Half of the "old guard" want: Blizz make uss a VANILLA SERVER!

Some people want it easy, well do your thing.
Personally i want to raid Molten Core again, 40 man ragnaros, and raid 5hours at one piece cause there inst something like being saved. I want the absolute and total dispair agian when you see 20guys getting one hit because Fire Resistance mattered.

So this was my Rant for today. I want to say though that I don't mind that people want to play an easier game, just dont' think that everyone wants this. Some people want a challenge. If i Wipe 3 times at a boss i'm happy, cause then it's something worth trying, if you don't know tactics and still beat a boss... whats the fun in that? the cheer? the joy?

So my conclusion:
50% of the players want to take it easy = do yar thing
50% want to keep the game interresting, alive and Hard (in the context of wow at least) = These want the fun of the game.



  1. I must totally agree with you!

    I love vannilla WoW too and there were no raids where I had more fun then MC and BWL or Naxx (the old Naxx that is). I remember getting Onyxia down for the first time or how we got lost in Wailing Caverns.

    I too leveled numberous alts, and yes in vanilla that went slow but when hitting you knew your class.

    I think it is sad, I still would play the game even if it's was only vanilla.

    I miss the old days.


  2. The game got nerfed a lot already, (esp. on 3.0)
    e.g. Paladin (Not much needed to say, while they are the among hardest leveling class with priest and shaman)

    This is the third time I level a Shaman (the 2 shaman I leveled stayed at 30-40, since I keep moving server)

    They lowered the level of water shield to 20, speed things up a lot...
    and 30 level mount?

    Lower difficulties on old world let me raise more alt and try more classes on end game.
    I guess for you guys, an seperate (VANILLA) server will be much better, same apply for seperate the pvp thing from the pve is an good idea.

  3. Well Zekta,
    The nerf: it's been going on from 2.0 and they keep it going

    other servers: this indeed can be a good thing.

    old world:
    But thats kinda the problem isn't it?
    "Lower Difficulties on old world"
    Now Tell me, do you know every bit of your class before lvl80? or do you need to do 5HCs and 3Raids?
    On Vanilla "the old world", when you hit 40 you knew almost everything of your class.The dungeons where a battlefield, it was a strain to get through dungeons, even Wailing Caverns or Mauradon (God I still hate you!) were a test of endurance and skill.
    Now with all the nerfs you can litterly blaze through them! Well most likely no-one will even bother to do them, since the blues aren't worth it anymore... why paly 1H dungeon for a weapon, youre going to use 2h? Maraudon fe. took about 2-3h (!!!) to complete but everyone knew that a weapon of there would make your life easier for the next10lvls.. now yes it does make your life easier, but by how much? mobs are Nerfed so don't need it anymore, playtime is very short so not worth it anymore.

    I say: Put up a server to lvl80 with ALL the original old world in it or make a server 1-60 1.0 vanilla just like when i loved this game the most

    ^^ god i'm ranting today, sorry i'm in a bad mood

  4. Now, there are really rare that people will run old instance, basically only for power leveling. (That's with a high level charactor to run thru it to get the quests finish)
    I don't think they'll ban power-leveling since it's the way they want old player to bring new player.

    I guess with the orginal vanillia server setting, this will still occur. (High level = 60), so even people bother to run some 40-50 lv instances, 10-40 level is still deserted.

    Secondly, you'll hardly found good player to run low level instance. Everyone only run them once or two, if it's for the quest reward. Most of the good player is at level-cap, raiding. The M&S ratio of the low level PUG is high.

    So, if leveling throught instance running is not an option for player, we'll see little player with healing spec avaible (dual spec can fix that)... Effectively reinforce a non-rewarding pug experience. (I remeber the guys at "the instance" made a valid point, how many priest leveled in holy?)

    Seems I had side track a lot, but if they want to address this problem, there are much for them to fix. (Profit are their main concern I guess) And the number one concern is, if the put up a "harder" server, how the community will accept it? if v-server is estabished, there will be conversation like this.
    "Hey, We down [Insert boss name here] in [insert dungeon name here]"
    "No, that's nth, you should try MC"
    Biarer setuped for player to join their friend, etc etc...
    (Sorry if the comment seems had no focus, because I am now @@)