Monday, June 1, 2009

Group Therapy: Family and WoW

Hello all,
A lot of people say that "Videogames are anti-social", "Videogamers are nerds" or "he's a loner, he plays videogames". Well 90% of the Time they are probably right. But WoW is so diffrent. Myself and my wife as example.
When i met her, she already played WoW. Granted her highest character was lvl26 orso. But still... she played(!) Weirdest thing about it is beautifull, yes yes i know a lot of people say that his/her mate are pretty. But i'm not saying pretty here. She is gorgeous weird but true. So "Videogamers are nerds" isn't always true. I'm work in the IT and do know too much stuff for my own good, but still i don't look like one. Why is it that people are so hung-on on clich├ęs?

Well my wife and I, we still play WoW and a bit more than we used too, with a bit more time on our hands and that we can see each other a lot more then we used too, helps with that. We have nights (certainly in the weekend) that we can put up our lap-tops next to each other and just game a few hours. Some of the nights, my best mate (who i made a WoWer) comes over, and we play with 3 in the living room. Even my lill sister joins in from time to time. So are we loners? I think not, Granted we don't "party" as much as we used too, but i'm feeling too "old" (read: mature) for that stuff.

Normally this should have been an interview with my wife. But due lack of time and memory (we kept forgetting to do the interview) we kinda forgot. So this is my way of saying thank you.
For all you have done for me, for all you mean to me, for letting me do the things i do and believe the things i believe, for loving me, but most importantly: Just for being who you are. Sweetheart, I love you.

Note that from next week, other bloggers will join this Thuesday post. I'm not telling who yet, just to keep you reading this blog.... (as we say in wow: ^^)


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  1. My Fiance lets me play.
    She also whilst on maternity leave played a Draenei Shaman up to level 19... but now baby taking up her time and she is Smoking Hot!

    Nerd is a very widely used term and I actually dont care about it as its just a world to explain someone with a specific interest.

    Science Nerd?
    Wow nerd?
    Gearhead is a actually just a car nerd?

    The term gamer wasnt labelled up until a short time ago.