Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Deep thoughts: being active is expensive

My newly dinged hunter (80) is getting a bit expensive... and by a bit i mean holy hell(!)
After raiding with other mains for the last 4y (and taking a break from it since january) I decided, with my current time schedule, i could do it again. So i said to myself... let's get this guy geared up...
What do i spend my money on then?

Heroics... yes heroics... sunday and monday where The Ocolus dailys... we wiped 9 and 6 times at the last boss... which means 50G repair a piece = 100G.
Leatherworking, i needed to get my lw up from 43? to 440... which cost me about 350G
gearing up... good cloacks almost never drop at heroics so i made my own... 250G
Flasks... My guild is going slow these days with my raidleaders being off on vacation and the GL being online about 15mins a day. so i had to buy them. (ofc i checked mats to flasks) so thats 22G a flask x 10 = 220G
Cooking... and this is the worst... already at 100G and only skill200... why didnt ever bothered? i mean its a hunter for godssake... ooh well.
4000 arrows a day. (minimum) = 100G

So yesterday i spent 1020G on my hunter...(!)
I mean i love making money and i love getting it in my mailbox, but i forgot how expensive endgame is. on Ravenholdt i now have a total of 10K in my pockets. and still some stuff thats worth 2K (avools sword of jin) but jeeez(!) i also decided not to get the fast flyer (i dont need it anyway, everythings explored and i dont herb/mine)

On the Raiders side:
I've done 2 pugs this weekend OS25 and Naxx25, both times i came in 10th of dps, which is considering my lowlvl rings/trinkets pretty ok. I've got one good item out of it so i'm happy. The guild is starting to raid again in 2 weeks (Raid Leaders will be back) and I need to get geared up... and deep down inside i hope that i' can get my own raiding guild together by the end of this month (thats going to cost me!) , probz not happening.
So if anyone of Ravenholdt reads this... if you want me to raid with ya, just ask! Ello├źn is at your service.

On a Brighter note:
My best mate decided to join me on my new server (Raven...) and he brought me 10 arctic furs, for 50G a piece, which is awesome since they cost 110G here.. can you hear Ka-ching, Ka-ching!

My tip for keeping your money up: work your proffesion(!) cooking,fishing, leatherworking, what ever, all of them have something that lets you sell for profit so USE it! I'm selling a lot of icescale legguards right now for a 50G profit a piece.

So what do you all think? is Endgame too expensive? did you saw your money drop a bit when you started raiding again? And any tips to the blogreaders to keep your money up?

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