Sunday, June 14, 2009

Monday Morning Hang-over: Headache from Raiding

Hey All,
I'm back after a weekend of trial and error on WoW. As you all know the Raiding guild has started (my own Raiding guild again... God i'm happy) but it took some gold to start up... around 2.5K actually. The Bank tabs (350G) was about the easiest and less expensive to obtain. the flasks (1K) were a bit harder, the food (550G!!!) was the hardest to obtain. I needed to powerlevel that thing... took me a lot of hatefull grinding and overpriced food to get to 400skill. the rest of the gold went to cheap glyphs, belt buckles etc.

Since it's been a while since i've leaded Raids, i did that a lot this week. Raiding Ul10, Ul25 (both just the first boss, since i don't wanna pug the rest) Raiding Naxx25 which was the downfall of my old guild really.tried some pugEoE10 (never again!) and OS10/25. I've led the Ul10 and OS10 and It wen't fairly well. (made one mistake in Ul10 causing a near wipe). Why am i telling you this? well i went from 18.3K gold to 19.2K this weekend... Which is about 2K less then i make normally(!) on my small banker
Monetize. And yes the raiding is responsible for it. Every Raid has a minimum cost of 50G. (2 flasks) and if I wipe i can add another 50G for repairs. + rebuffing me and my pet with food.
Well lets do some math: 6x50G =300G... EoE brought in a whooping 10 wipes! (im presistent what can i say?) = 500G, Naxx25 = 3 wipes in spider quarter (i never wiped more as once before on spider...) = 150G, OS25 (1D) = 2wipes = 100G, OS10 (tried 1D once) 50G.
so thats = 300+500+150+100+50= 1.1K that i spend on RAIDING! omfg... i mean ffs, 1337 raiding. No seriously thats a lot of cash... I know i can Pay it, certainly next week, when the guild costs are down. But still it's been a rough weekend for my goldpile. (but ofc we need to spend it on something right?) I know you"re all thinking what about that other K? well i dual-specced my resto shammy to Resto/Ele to lvl faster to 80.

So this got me thinking... if doing every raid in the game takes 1.1K a week.. (granted pug raids but still lets say 500G if your doing guildraids) How can most people keep paying for it? I saw a graph a week ago that said most ppl have less then 1K gold. Grinding? Dailys? certainly not AH atleast not on my realm.. only 280pages on ah, don't tell me the majority of my wooping 5000 fellwo alliance players use that thign a lot.

Another Gold related thing:The Movie... yes i know i've been saying it for 2 weeks now... I'm sorry but this week i did 12H workdays (minimum), i still had to learn for my exams (free Uni ftw!), needed to support my wife who's doing full time university so she wouldn't get a mental brakedown, and needed to be online so my new guild wouldn't fail from day 1. I just didn't had time... and to be honest, this week is going to be the same (except the exams they are done) but i've gotten a new project and a new deadline just before i wrote this... Anyone want to create some programs in C++ for me, and install a couple of servers? ooh well it'll be alright.
To be honest, i can't wait to tomorow, thursday and friday.. no more beating around the bush at those days .. its straight moneymaking info there!



  1. Unless we're trying new hard modes (or revisiting old ones we haven't really got the hang of yet) we tend to walk out of Ulduar with a net profit. We're probably not break even if we had reset the tally the first time we entered Ulduar though.

    The guild supplies us with flasks and to some level also enchants. Some of the raw mats are farmed, some bought on the AH using money gained from selling Ulduar BoEs.

  2. Then ofc you see a minimum off loss.
    My old guild though, didn't do anything like that.
    On my new one i made a system of "buying" and "selling" them by dkp, which untill now at least works pretty good