Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Deep Thoughts: When enough WoW is enough?

It's a big topic here in Belgium: Game addiction

When are you addicted to the game?
Yesterday I came in touch with this topic.So i thought i'd write a small post about it.
Can people really say: "your addicted"? What are there parameters? Let's take me for example:
My general day is:
6h30 get up
7h leave for work
7h30-15h30 (normally) working
15h30 -16h driving home
16h pressing the On button of my pc, and checking my mail etc.
17h-18h dinner (including dishes) yeah i eat loooong, since i love the peace and calm, and family time.
18h10-19h banking (about 30mins i just sit and read a book of it ,while my scan is running)
19h10-22h Raiding and keeping my Guild in order.
22h - ??h (mostly 12h) Rent a movie, read or finish my rubikscube since it takes me an hour or 2 to complete.

Note: i smoke a cig every hour or so, so i need to go downstairs, and do it in my "smoking area"
Note2: the playtime in the weekend is about the same
Note3: i try and Not game on Thursday (personal time with wife etc)

So you should say: well ain't you adicted? you come home from work and almost instantly play!
Valid point! But:
1) I see that my work and work @ home are done first.
2) I don't watch TV (I really don't like it)
3) I read books at work (on my brake) aswell as the newspaper.
4)I don't have kids yet, and my wife is mostly @ school or something like that

So is that addicted? I don't really know. If you say to me: Quit a week.
I wouldnt mind, what i would mind though is: Who is going to run my guild? I saw at TAOW what happened when 2 officers took a brake... 25left the first week(!)
Second i would be bored half the time. I read a lot, but i do that at work and while smoking at home. I don't like TV so thats out.. I do like videogames... but heck thats the same.. i like boardgames, but you got to find people for that... I really really like sports, sadly with my injury a couple of years ago, the only thing i can do is jog and run. So no contactsports.. which were my alltime favorits (Basketball on concrete, hockey, soccer, ...) I could go out to a bar and play some biljarts (which I also really love) and thats something i would do, but not a whole week, cause then i would be an Alcohilic, since i'm at a bar all the time. Next week i have a week of liberty (no work)
So i'll be home with my lovely wife the whole week and this is what i'm going to do:
-sleep a bit longer as my 4h a day i have now.
-Go for a walk with my wife
-Go swimming (and this is a real achievement for me! since i'm an aquaphobic)
-Go to our yearly feast here in Heist, so shop and have some fun.
- just doing nothing ! (for about an 1h, i can't do that too long)
- reading
- blogging
- being romantic for my wife ^^

So you judge are you addicted? what is addicted? and as long as you keep your RL straight, is that really addiction?


Edit: For the record I do have 2 addictions I reallly like: 1) My wife, and i will never give her up!
2) Smoking, yes I Like IT! so I don't care what you say about it, though I'm cutting back for my wife, she doesnt like it. And as said: She's my prime addiction, my sweet and perfect little drug!


  1. Getting away from WOW is difficult for me as there is always one more thing to do.

    People who are addicted should really seek help and take breaks.

    I take a week WOW break every 2 months or so just to clear my mind and regain focus and love for the game.

  2. [1] smoking = cancer, not maybe, not could, not perhaps....if you love your wife, and want to love her for the next 100 years, stop smoking.

    /end sermon

    [2] depending on patches and expansions, i typically take a ~week off from WoW every summer, a ~week off at thanksgiving, and a ~week off at christmas. same as infernix, it freshens me and my focus. and proves to my wife that i'm not addicted :P

  3. I notice no mention of real-life friends. Keeping friendships requires effort on your part, and I notice that your general day desn't include anything there. If this is not just an oversight, then you will lose your non-WoW friends if you have not already done so. Letting friendships wither could be a sign of addiction.