Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Crafters Gold: and for something totally diffrent

We all know that we can sell, armor kits, tailoring threads, belt buckles, glyphs, potions, flasks and gems. Even the mats for these products sell well. We sell, leather, ore, flowers, meat, cloth etc.
Well you can sell more as just that, no im not talking about enchanting mats, everyone knows that. But i mean food! and even Hunter's pet food! (mammoth snack) These sell really well! Thats not allSometimes from the daily fishing quest you get a grey quality hat, even though its grey, these can be sold for a good 10gold at the AH. Also some not so well known items that can be sold are: Frost oil that alchemists make (old Quest item) for a couple of Gold (i sell 1-3 of those every week for 5gold) and gyroatom (engineers make this, and also used for a quest item) for some gold (also 1-3 a week for 3-10G) even bronze and copper tubes can be sold!
I can't call this a real niche market, just because it isnt that large, but can earn a pretty penny. Same as Gromsblood, on most AH's this is non existent and can grant as much as 1-2G a piece!
Also.. and a lot of people dont mind this... but make your lvl10-19 and 25-29 Blue items! These sell like sweet candy! ex. thoughened leather armor, blue quality +19 stamina and made by leather workers, i can buy the mats for a mere gold (or farm them) and sell it for about 10Gold!
i mean thats 900% profit margin!
Something for the skinners: Have you been playing for more as a year? Do you still have that shadow cat hide? Strange but true i still had 20 when they took it out of the game, i have sold 10 of those and made a solid 50G! a piece.... why? well like i said, i probably have the last 20 on the server. And some people like to collect "vanilla material" that is unbuyable!

I know these tips are small, but trust me its free gold i'm giving you all here! I hope you enjoyed the small post of today!


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