Monday, June 15, 2009

Group Therapy: The Pet Show

One of the things I like to do on a RPPVP server is reselling
animals... jupz living breathing animals... I put them on a leash and
leave them in Booty bay with a woodenboard that sais "500G!". No
seriously I do Resell Pets, more specific: Faction Only Pets. from the
normal little dragonhawks to the Teldrassil sproutling (the argent
tournament one) I must say on my server they are pretty profitable, i
buy them at the crossfaction house and put them up on the Alliance AH
and instant profit. I Also buy cats from the old catlady and put them
up at the crossfaction AH, but they don't seem to sell quite as fast.
Though ofcourse I'm just one man, and one man's view isn't always
enough... I bring you my fellow Bloggers, the True Gurus of this
Blogsphere, The Inventor of Gold and the Mistress of Pets...

I don't dabble too much in x-faction trading, there are a couple of guys on my server (low pop pvp, horde 2:1 alliance) that already have this covered which in itself proves there is a market for it. Re tournament pets there does seem to be a x-faction market but personally I just have an arrangement with a horde to swap pets as do quite a few of the "hardcore" pet collectors, on these particular pets, asking prices have tanked from about 2k to 800g on my server, I think its a case of 'sell them NOW' if you're still thinking about it.

We often hear a lot of Engineers complaining they don't have any way
to make money, well the three BoE pets from engineering sell very well
on my own AH, that is the Mechanical Squirrel, the Lifelike Toad and
the Tranquil Mechanical Yeti. On my server I can sell 3-4 squirrels
per week, up to 3 toads and maybe one yeti but the yeti is a lot more
expensive to produce and I guess therefore not as attractive to people
going for volume (to hit 50, 75 etc) over 'quality'.

One pet a lot of people don't realise is BoE is the Mechanical
Chicken, obtained from completing the distress bot quest chain. People
going for Loremaster will probably end up with this pet and it sells
on my AH for approximately 1.2-1.8k.

I list my pets one at a time on a 24 hour b/o. Especially at weekends
when more people are playing I make sure to keep the stocks updated.

The other tip I can give you is to list when something in game draws
attention to the pet world. By that, I mean ingame holidays such as
Halloween, Easter, Brew Fest, Valentines and Summer Festival, or any
others where pets drop. These are the times people realise they've got
24/25 pets etc and are looking for something quick and easy (ie the
AH) to get them that achievement.

For some further coverage of which Vendors are of interest to people
planning to list pets either on their own, or the neutral AH, you can
find links on my blog post -

Until next time, Glinda, Mistress of the Pets

Guilty, I admit, I am the cold-blooded pet smuggler for selling those Noble Dragon Hawk to those pathetic Alliance. With help from those greenish goblin of course.

I am doing cross faction pet smuggling, rather than just putting it
on Goblin run AH. I had a travel thru Azeroth with my Horde DK, spend
around 25-30 minutes on traveling, and gather each type of pet for 12
each mail to one of my Alt parked at the Neutral AH, (Orgrimmar,
Thunder Bluff and Silver Moon). Transfer to the Alliance counter-part
on my girlfriend account, and start selling on Alliance's AH. Listing
3-4 at a time.

The average price on those pet would be 8-20g depends on competition.
Reasonable profit margin for covering buyer's trouble on smuggling it
themselves, but since we are doing it in bulk, the profit is nice.
They are selling like 5-7 per night, so one smuggle is able to supply
for 1-2 weeks.

Rare Faction based pet tend to gain high profit (but not in %),
however, they are much harder to sell. I found that once the price >
500g, buyer tends to shop very carefully, the price different is so
stiff that, they'll consider smuggling the pet themselves. So I am not
in the Argent Dawn and Whelps-like selling. Another reason for not
doing the Argent Dawn is that, I expect the price will drop soon due
to more and more people will do it for profit. Once those pet
collector done their collection (And got those mount as well), they'll
join the pet-selling group, similar to the Oracle's pet. (They are
sold at 5g on my server now!)

The main drawback of pet selling is that it takes up lots of space.
Since pets are not stackable. Storage space, relisting bag space etc,
will consume space pretty fast compare to glyph selling and flask for

Also, Pet is a good item type for market manipulation; we'll talk about it later I guess

A great inventory for your pet sales can be found at: (thanks for the linke Zekta!)

You heard it all! You can make serious gold of these creatures! Even you "I'm poor and can't make money untill late game-engineer" can make gold out of this one!

I would like to thank both Zekta and Glinda, for this great post they have written!



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