Friday, June 26, 2009

1G plz: let's take a break

Hey all I'm back for a small post

Don't you ever have that something just won't sell, or it just doesn't work?

If you crafted item doesnt sell its because of 3 reasons:
1) too much competition: wait untill the competition is lower and sell it then
2) not enough people online: post it in the weekend, when there are more searching the AH
3) it's just horrible: remember the "of the falcon"? agi+int isn't the most topseller or the "of the boar"? they just don't sell! list them for about 145% vendorprice, or let the mdisenchant, otherwise you'll not sell them.

And today I'm taking my own advice, my week's leave of work is comming (last day today!) and I'm taking the week of blogging most probably.
I'm against all the nerfs Bliz is giving old content, and it seems that my muse isn't happy with it either, i have about 500 idea's but they seem to melt on paper. (or pc screen)
This will also givem e about 15-30mins extra with my wife over next week, and we can really use the "alone" time. Since i don't draft texts, i all write them on the day they need to be posted, this will save me some time and frustration.

So This was my last post for June. I'll be back the 6th of july.

and remember:

A fortune starts with one copper!

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