Thursday, June 4, 2009

1G plz!: Watch your step: Armor ahead!

For all the new players starting their that don't want to beg for their first gold, here's another edition of 1G plz!

One of the biggest money sinks at lowerlevels, and through out the game is gear.
People and certainly new players think that they need the latest and greatest... you couldnt be farther from the truth...
If we just level, with some instances you'll probably be wearing gear that lies in the range of up to date and outdated 10lvls ago.. well i'm here to say: this aint a big deal! One of the prime examples is: Delzoun (Ravenholdt EU) he's a lvl 45 prot tank, who dungeons a bit while lvling. if you'll look at his armory page you can see he's not wearing the latest and greatest gear, hell my chest is a quest item from lvl30 (okaj, a blue Q item, with awesome stats but still).
I tank throughout dungeons with "outdated" gear, and still i have to see my first wipe with him. Granted i have died a few times in instances, but always managed to save the group. This is just to say: You dont need Expensive gear! quest for it, then dungeon for the rest, and you'll be geared in no time.

A few very important tips:
- Don't be sad if your still have a white or grey item the first 15-20 lvls, just look at the following tip.
- really really need gear? => dungeons!
- remember: you don't need that extra +1 intellect, its only 0.03% crit and 15mana! take a look at your spells... what costs less then 100mana at lvl40? nothing! So that 1% intellect increase won't matter!
- Sell your green gear that you find and don't use at the AH! remember others are still dumb enough to buy it. (only list it once though! and don't overcharge it)
- don't buy new armor when you can wear mail/plate at lvl40!
- Sell all your mail/plate items from lvl40-46!!! (great, great cash!)
-if a blue or purple item drops and its BoE don't you dare to equip it! it'll be outdated in 5lvls instead of 3 so just sell it on the AH and youll have enough gold (or more) for your mount! (believe me i once did this with: bow of searing arrows)

Yes, i know this post doesn't "teach" you how to make money, but it will save you about 100G+ through out the first lvls, so i made you money anyway HAH! Seriously, these tips will make you money, though you won't "see" it, youll be a gold richer for every equipment slot every level.

That's it for today, stay tuned!

PS: An "AH-config" movie will hopefully be made this weekend.

And remember
A fortune starts with one copper!


  1. I have a different attitude. I make good money every day from trading, what should I spend this hard earned cash on? Alts of course. Mine get regular upgrades from quick visits to buy the latest gear and enchants from the AH. Why make the money if not to spend it?

    Makes levelling more enjoyable, faster, and more efficient.

  2. it makes lvling more enjoyable, but certainly not a whole heck faster. blue items make it faster to lvl (sometimes) but 99% of the time its useless.

    money can be spend on: fast mounts, epic flyers, the mount with a vendor, armorkits for your lvl80's... things that are worth it and you keep for some time, not something you are going to delet 2h after you bought it.

    thats just waste of nice pixelgold

  3. I'd agree, with the exception of weapon upgrades for melee, or ranged weapon upgrades for hunters. A 10dps upgrade is pretty huge when most of your attacks are based on weapon dmg!

  4. I agree with the above, if you just keep one thing up to date, make it your weapon(s) (for melee & hunters). Also the enchant made wands that you can equip at level 5 and (10? 14?, can't remember the second one) help a lot. On a new server, I'd mine/herb/skin enough to buy one of these as soon as I could (often on ah cheap since enchanters sometimes make them for leveling). At level 5 with a caster and this wand, it's faster to just wand mobs to death than bother casting any spells.


  5. Another thing to remember is to ALWAYS do your class quests. My main is a paladin. Verigan's Fist from around level 24(?) lasted me a good 12-15 levels. There was NOTHING else that dropped ANYWHERE that even came close.

    I think warriors have a similar class quest or series of class quests that grant really great gear.