Monday, June 22, 2009

Group Therapy: Price WAR!

Thuesday is the day that I bring other experienced players and bankers to this site.
We are all short on time so It's just Me and Grodus. But we'll do fine

Grodus: Getting into a price war can be extremely detrimental to an item's value. If you're in a battle with a vicious undercutter, there are a few things you can do to minimize your losses:

1) Wait awhile. If it's a rare item, there's a good chance that your competitor's will sell and then you'll be able to set your own price. This technique doesn't work as well with crafted items or items that are easy to come by.

2) Keep undercutting. Either your item(s) will sell, or the price will go so low that you can buy out the others and relist at normal prices.

3) Stealth auction. If your competition is posting auctions for a 48h duration, post yours at a 12h duration before peak playing times. In all likelihood, your auctions will sell before anyone even notices.

There are more ways to effectively deal with price wars, but these are the ones I use most frequently.

Basicly Grodus already mentioned most of the tactics, Including what I do. Mostly I wait awhile for posting, or i push the price so low that i can buy most of his stock. What i also do is: creat a new charactar and undercut with him. If he sees 2 people (me and my alt) undercutting he can do 2 things:
1) give up, if he does so i can cancel all my auctions and relist.

Another tactic, which i don't use a lot but can do if he's persistent. Sell via Trade. Take the AH price -10% and you'll sell while he's wondering how come nothign is selling.

So these were the tips for today.
Thank you Grodus for your view!


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  2. Seth, you said:
    "If he sees 2 people (me and my alt) undercutting he can do 2 things:
    1) give up, if he does so i can cancel all my auctions and relist."

    What's the second thing?

  3. #2 is probably keep undercutting, and since there's two competitors, he'll undercut harder. so now you can buy his stock and sell at normal prices.

  4. Oops just saw that i didnt list nr 2

    Sorry Dàchéng!
    well the second thing he can do is: buy out all my stuff, to get his first again.
    a third is indeed he'll undercut harder again.

    so actually there are 3 things he can do!