Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Deep thoughts: Raiding, Alts and some

Ok by now all of you should know that I love two things in WoW:
1) Gold, Gold, Gold and more Gold. Did i say gold yet?
2) Pure Slugfest, wiping-eve Raiding. with a bit of Sadomachosism, just enough that takes me to PuG's and wipe half the eve.
oh there is one other thing i love: Alts

Well my inscription Warlock is on Hold right now, even with the 10% exp increase from his shoulders, i don't really have the time to lvl him now. so he's waiting at lvl18 until half of july i think. Yesterday I spend about a days profit (1K gold) on Cooking on my "main" on Ravenholdt...
i went from cooking 1 to 375 and it only took about 3h of grinding and a whole lot of cash ... (BTW: THIS is why you MUST post your fish/meat on the damn AH, so i don't need to go farm and you guys can gain some profit! ^^) So just a bit more and i'm 450 and thats one step closer to my raiding guild. Though my co-Guildleader to be, and best mate in RL (my brotha from anotha motha!) got this GREAT idea... We are both hunters, both 80 and both well-equiped to start ulduar 10/25. (though i really need one more trinket for ul25, thats about it)
He said and i'm going to cite him as best as I can in english: "You know we are both dps, huh? Not to bad either, but there are a lot of dps out there... and you already raid healed and tanked raids untill 70..." At that point I was like: yeah, but thats a long time ago, I quited raiding with the shammy at january and i haven't touched that warrior in a years time! (overpopulated PVP server, and im not going to transfer another char) "Yeah but still you could do it... I mean you were pretty good, and we can both powerlvl (thank you Rizzen Again - my old powerlvling guild) So how long would it take to lvl a Druid?" Now i was getting suspicious of his idea and i feared the worst. I dunno, 2 weeks tops to get out of azeroth and outland I think, you know with work and all... " aah yeah so we could start one tomorow and be ready before the guild starts?" (29/06)

Well you get my drift. So against my will I'm forced to lvl a druid to 70 in 2 weeks time. So thats 3H a day x14 =42hours... thats impossible! But i'm going to give it my best shot. This is another challenge, lvl it as fast as i can so it's certainly above 60 before the guild starts.
Problem 1: Gold... another gold pit though i'm taking herb/skinn to compensate.
Problem 2: Homelife... I DO have a wife that needs attention and the love she deserves, so this cuts in my playtime (which is a good thing actually) A lot (not so good anymore)
Problem 3: My main char still needs a trinket!!!! and I want to raid as much as I can to get some achievements before the guild starts... (since this is a newly dinged one, i dont want ppl to think i can't raid just cause this toon doesn't have 50% of the achievements yet)

Pfew look at me a wall of text and not about money? Can't be.. let's add some.

A lot of people also say, when you are 80 you should take 2 Crafting proffesions. (for gold and bonus in raiding) And I agree upon certain aspects of that thought. But here's the clifhanger: It costs money to lvl and sometimes a lot! so how much may it cost to get gold out of it, afterwards! I mean engineering can be a very good seller once you cna make arrows and bullets. but it costs tons of gold to get there... so I'll need 3 weeks of crafting before i can even half my loses of lvling it.
So this is the point I'm going to ask for YOUR help. Or at least let you decide.
I'm a 80 hunter and have Leatherworking and Skinning, i'm going to drop skinning and pick up a crafting profession. Which one should I take? Do note that it needs to be: profitable and useable. (so no Engineering, sorry but that takes just forever and costs me too much on the new banker with small ah (10K in pockets now btw) , dunno about inscription, since i can't really use it)
So let me know what you decide!



  1. Personally I wouldn't drop skinning on a hunter, you get extra crit of it, which for a hunter is very nice.
    If you do decide to drop it I would go for JC'ing even with the nerf it's still very good and you can make money out of it.
    Another option is enchanting (will work nice with the warlock who has inscription to craft vellums).
    But both will cost you quite alot of gold to level, unless you have some of the mats.
    A tip to level enchanting, look at the greens that sell on the AH to disenchant and cost less than the mats itself.

  2. And I found Skinning is very great for hunter, one of the best class for skinning IMO

    I've run out of slot in my server now
    and left 6 in my old server.
    Only 3 of them is 80 though... I only play when I really have leisure time, so no pressure on leveling.

    I would level a WL and SM (with my gf, for healing in raid) later I guess.
    How many alts you got though?

  3. Deffinately JC mate. You can make a decent ammount of gold selling cut gems (plus its an excellent service to offer your new guild) and you can prospect for a sizeable profit as well. IMO the only way to go.

    Having said that, and it totally depends on the price of raw leather on your server, do you really want to be a Leather Worker that has to buy mats?

    Someone mentioned the crit bonus from Skinning. Honestly it pales incomparison to the +27 Agility prismatic gems. There are some excellent breakdowns of crafting professions on the web that show advantages/disadvantages and JC is always on top.

    Anyway, peace and love etc.

    SV Hunter,

  4. To be honest, JC is indeed one of my top favorites so i'll have a look. And yes i love skinning +114 attack power on bracers <3 so i'm not dropping that one.

    My alts are: At Ravenholdt: 80 Hunter, 46 warrior, 18 warlock,and hopefully soon 40 shaman.

    Btw whats a SM? i know WL as Warlock but SM seems to have gotten through my mind
    On DMF: 80 Rogue, 80 shaman. a 60 of each other class,(except DK) that i probably won't ever touch again (and banker!)

  5. Just FYI, I am not affiliated in any way with the link I am about to give.

    I have leveled more toons than I care to admit, but this last one was a horde side so not quite as familiar with the quest areas. If you need a speed leveling, check this site. It is completely free and a pretty good guide for the old azeroth screw over of quest being all over creation.


    p.s. Thanks for the help with listing items to ignore in your auctioneer over on JMTC.

  6. aaah, oki, thx for enlightening me. ^^
    usually on our serv. we say: lock and shammy instead of WL and SM but ooh well, Thanks!

  7. Slayth,

    Thanks for the info, I know the site and its pretty good, but i actually don't need it, Back in vanilla, i was in a "hard-core" powerlevling guild, which actually means: 50 ppl starting a lvl 1 and racing as fast as possible to lvl60 over and over again. So i'm pretty sure i can level fairly fast.

    Yw on the help with the list ^^

  8. They call mage warlock SS and mage as FS
    since in mandarin they sounds that way. I was pretty puzzled back then as well ;)

  9. Seth,

    heh, with that kind of experience I would say definitely you don't need that site. /chuckle

    I have the same pattern if I am leveling alliance, but horde. It was all, WTF I can ride through Camp Mojache and the cows don't want to sharpen their axes on my ram???

    Good luck to ya on the fast leveling.

  10. If you are doing it to make gold, go with Inscription or Alchemy - these two are way ahead of the rest in terms of gold-making. You can also get decent raiding benefits out of these professions.