Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Farmers Note: Geh youh hands dihty boooy!

Farming is needed...sometimes...if there is absolutly no other way...none, what so ever other way...nothing else... i'm not kidding!

but indeed sometimes it's good, sometimes it can be awesome even!
So for my fellow skinners and cookers:

On my server worm and mammoth meat are expensive... so i don't want to buy them a lot. The only thing you can do then is go farm... and I hate it so... Well northern Dragonblight is your salvation: lots of jormungar worms, even a cave! which drop their share of Arctic fur. You are also just a small distance away from storm peaks, which in it's south has a motherload of mammoths who again drop their share of Arctic furs. What i do here is i go out for an hour, (for the worms and an hour for the mammoths) and i get an average of 30 worm meat 30 mammoth meat and 60 chilled meat, above that i get about 120 borean leather and 2-5 arctic furs!
now i hold half my meat for cooking dailys so lets say i sell about 90 ofthem. and they sell for 2G a piece= 180G, i convert the leather to heavy leathers and i get another 140G of them, the arctics sell on my server for about 100G (!!!) so thats: a mnimum of420G and a maximum of 720G! but that ain't all, if you buy spices with your cooking badge youll get about 10 northernspices + 3orso in your goody bag, which also sell 2G a piece. (26 gold give or take)

It isn't an incredible amount of gold, but its good enough to afford you a week of raiding. And you'll have enough meat for the dailys this week. (or they must be shoveltusk.rihno meats - but these cna be farmed about the same)

Well small post for the farmers here,
time to get your hands dirty!


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