Thursday, May 28, 2009

1G plz! proudly presents: your first Gold!

Your broke, your new or experienced or something in between and can't seem to make money... what are the basics of getting you to those first couple of golds?

outside the AH
The first gold can be made at AH (i did on my first character) but it can be faster if it comes from something else, And i dont believe i'm going to say this but: Farming!
leather, metal and flowers can be easily gathered and put up on AH for quick profit, this is a great tactic for the leveler. just do your quests (= money), kill your mobs (=money) and gather every node you see along the way. it's quick and easy money.
As a lvl 80 you can just do some quests to get your starter money. 5daily's = ~100G. which is enough to start playing the AH.

Try not to gamble, try to forsee:

So the basic AH tips for the low-on-cash first timers:
Stick with what you know! if your a miner, you'll probably know what the price of ore is on your server, and you'll have no idea what that pretty flower sells for. (the auctioneer addon can help you with that after a week of scanning)

Be patient! If you see a lot of ore's at half price don't start undercutting, just wait untill trade pick's up and sell your goods then. also if you have some left over cash for investing, buy some of the ore and sell it when the price is up.

Don't overflow, i say this a lot but its very important, if you put up to much your goods wont sell, know how many to sell! (this you will learn in the process)
make friends! Yes make friends, guys who DE stuff, farm mats etc. for you at lower prices! (= Trade agreement)

Take advantage: If there are almost no X ores at the market, put up yours at 125% they will sell (if the demand is high enough) If someone is in dire need for your product and asking over /2 Trade WTB X ore.. w him with your highest price possible.

Get to know your server, your clients, your fellow bankers, ... Take some time to get to know your AH. what is cheap and what is high priced, when to sell what and what is needed. when others are posting and who is posting waaay under the price. If you know this youll find some markets that are very profitable (at my server for example, cross faction pets are selling quite well, and almost nobody tries it.)

Those where my basic tips for today, i hope you find that gem you where looking for.
Every week there will be more and hopefully you'll be here to find that winner for you!

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