Monday, May 18, 2009

Deep thoughts: Being braindead is rewarding...

It has proven itself over and over and over. And still the majority of the 'normal' people, the working people, fall for the scam.
every half-wit can make money in WoW, if shown how atleast. still there are beggars, and still there are people who give them a gold to shut up. for me such a beggar is a braindead. 10 seconds on the internet and he should know how to get money, enough 'endurance' and he even could earn a pretty penny with questing or farming... yet he doesn't do it, why not? well he can just beg and get money, why going through the 'trouble' of learning or playing the game if he can get it such a way!
This is the same not only in WoW but even in the Real World. 90% of the homeless (at least here in Belgium) don't even try to get a job, since they get paid by the goverment to do nothing! they get payed by 'innocent' working people just to stand there with a cardboard reading: ' i need cash'.
Yesterday a guy approached me and handed me a piece of paper which read: " i don't speak dutch and don't have work. i have 6 children and need to earn some money. could you give me some."
This text was written in perfect dutch... so the I don't speak dutch is sucpicious. He went over the whole process almost 4hours... which means he doesn't want to ge a job or he would applied somewhere. etc etc. He'll probably earn more then me, just showing that damn card to every living soul in Antwerp.
This is also true on forums. the same troll who gave me the idea of this topic "Deep thoughts" is doing it again. Why? well he got attention so he was rewarded, so he's F*cking up my new (actually the same but the old one got swiped) thread on the new (upgraded actually) forum.
If we all could stop rewarding such people, if the goverment would stop rewarding such people, it would be such a better place. I'm 20years old and earn 1800€ a month netto, which means that i have a bruto of about 2.5oo€ a month. And i don't like the idea that i'm paying 700€ to the braindead, to the bum, to the troll, to whatever. And don't kid yourself, the 10G or the 700€ is used to reward those people. you beg? here is 10G! you don't work? oh here's 700€!

for me it's simple:
I ignore beggars (on WoW and RL), ignore trolls and ignore people that "steal" money by doing nothing and getting payed for it.

my question here is: what do you do?

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