Tuesday, May 5, 2009

trade agreement

So went to 2.5K and back down to 1.7K (in pockets i mean)
i bought a cheap nesingway 4000 (500G) and am selling it for 544g at ah. (small proffit)
and i bought a couple of frostweave bags (x4 at 70G and 3 at 66G) from a tailor.
selling them now for 79G a piece at AH (2 already sold)

Now with that tailor i got a trade aggreement: she's selling me the bags, for 70G (max price) 3 bags a week. why am i doing this? why i get to sell them for 79G! well why is she selling only for 70G then? biggest reason: she knows she can sell them, she doesn't need to worry when to sell, if they will sell, and to what cost. (and shes still getting skill points for it)
so its double proffit, and a trade agreement, she's selling to me and not at the AH, which is one less competitor.

on another note, there is a nice discussion going on at Skrooge about moral's
so take a look there if ya want ;-)

what's your view on trade agreements? got any?


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