Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mission Update: swords and essences

Aaaah Monetize, yes... monetize...

Well this lill' fellow is up and running at 4.1K again, though my worth is decreased to 6.3K
A few things are responsible for this:
- I've had to relist sword of jin for 1.3K instead of 2K (undercutterss goddamn them!) which means still 400G profit but not the 1K i hoped.
- The bagindustry collapsed, 3-4 people joined in with their products (frostweave bag) and they are selling for 70G instead of 100G.
- Razorheads are selling slower, and the guy from mammoth cutters has figured out what i'm doing, so he evened up the prices... (smart man! ^^ )

This all makes my worth lower and selling harder. which in turn makes profit harder. Yesterday though i was happy i also manually scan and not blindly use a configured search. i found 3 stacks of greater eternal essence at 41% while the rest of them where listed at 125%, for some reason my auctioneer missed this... (i think it is because it uses other pct then my normal search)
Oh well bought them up and put half of them on the market for about 124%. 2h later they sold out, and i put on the other half, another hour later all of them sold.

I'm having trouble right now though keeping my auctions up and above of 100-150.
There was certainly an increase in bankers (i saw 6 new ones over the last 2days!) but the amount of auctions are at an ever low. (230 pages) I'm looking for a few niché markets but haven't foun any others yet. Also the glyph market seems to have a free fall going on. even the normally high priced ones are down to 5g a piece! Oh well more updates will follow later!

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