Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cashing in on Darkmoon Faire!

I love Darkmoon Faire, certainly now that they are selling sweet sweet Northrend herbs!
As everyone (or at least a lot of) people now the Darkmoon Faire is being held in Shattrah. (for the moment at least)
So i took a look there with AriƤna, bought my self some herbs, mote of ... (make your pick) and some leather. I'm selling all of those now at ah, and the motes/leathers already are sold (bought for 25S selling for 1G = ka-chingching (gold!) ) half of the herbs are also sold (selling for 2G bought for 17s)

So a tip for you: buy all their herbs! and resell them at AH! (though make sure, you can make a profit first!)

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