Monday, May 4, 2009

bad news (for me) and good news (for you)

Hey all!

oki, i'll start with the bad news... i made 250G loss at the AH yesterday (damn...) with damn Borean Man'o wars. how come? i bought them at 50% value a week or 2 ago. for 22G/stack. now after my purchase, prices crumbled and are now worth 5G/Stack 100% value .. /cry. so i cut my losses and hope to get them back today.
what my "brotha from anotha motha" pointed out though this saturday, is i should buy horde only pets at cross faction AH and put them in the alliance AH. and that indeed works, and works very very nice! 25G a piece pure proffit! though has a better review about this, and i suggest you should read his view about it. Damn you Marcko! you were one step ahead of me!

good news:
Well i promised some video's didn't I? yes sir i did! Yesterday morning i downloaded the firmware of frapps, and am playing around with it now! Ofcourse, i'm still getting the hang of video editting, but its going to be ok i guess. today or tomorow there is going to be a video of me soloing Sneed and Sneeds shredder at lvl23! so check out AriƤna's blog for the video.

why is this good for you? well since you guys may choose, what you want me to explain in the video! So Basics, addon's (i'm a junkie i admit it!), what to buy and trade etc etc!
You choose!

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