Monday, May 25, 2009

Grinding & Inscription madness take over!

aaah heck...I've fallen in the trap... everyone keeps saying oooh inscription is soooo good for money making, it's aaawesome etc etc. Curious as the human being is.(read: I am) I decided to try it...
others say.... ooooh grinding can be soooo goood, look at all the herbs i sell.... damn... oki, let's see what it is then... So here I am... wanting to get herb/inscription. (no not mining, already got a miner/JC and not skinning since i already got a skinner/LW and i wanted something diffrent).
but hey, my main already has 2 proffesions... REROLL! (again...I'm seth and i'm an altaholic)
So here before you stands not only a lvl80 resto shammy, lvl80rogue (dmf mains) lvl77 hunter lvl45 prot warrior and a lvl26 resto shammy (ravenholdt toons) but also a supa imba facerolling OP awesome... lvl11 warlock. Feel my super hits of: 20?

I admit i have a problem rerolling everytime i want something new... Oh well this new toon will probably go unnoticed most of the time in this blog. (or you want to read about it : comment) But while lvling, i'll "grind" (The horror!) for herbs and lvl inscription (*feint*).
As you all should know by now, i hate grinding and don't like inscription, but i loved my lvl60 warlock sooo much... till my account got hacked that is (about 3y ago) and weeped in a corner like a little girl (just kidding guys...
please don't hurt me) So everyone will fear Damän the Warlock soon... well... after i get my hunter, warrior and probz shammy to eighty... and i got 100K gold on ravenholdt...

[2. Trade] Damiän: WTB Time!
[2. Trade] Braindead: WTF Nuwb ROFL LMAO!
[2. Trade] Whiner: that ain't for trade!
[2. Trade] Discuss: Yes it is, he wants to buy it.
[2. Trade] interest: Damiän what did you want to buy
[2. Trade] 1337 : Scroll up, newb!
[2. Trade] discuss: Damiän didn't you just lose time by asking and reading all this?
repeat this 5 times before you have the awnser:
[2. Trade] a "friendly" person: Sorr Damiän we can't help you with that
[2. Trade] Braindead: just stp plaing, dud. reelly nuwb! ROFL! crying in a corner...

Ah well i'll fix it.


ps: Again the real post of today can be read by clicking this link.

pps: The above is what actually happened yesterday in Trade to some guy, i reported all but the original buyer. Yes i know Time can't be bought, but he may still ask for it. If you say wtb [BOP item] no-one has the right to report you just for making a mistake... same for this guy (sort of)

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