Sunday, May 10, 2009

suggestions on daily posts!?

Hey all,

I'm asking for YOUR help today! Yes Sir/ma'm!
As you can see (if you follow this blog, or read it often) my updates are sporradic. Sometimes i update 2-3 times a day, other times i leave you all hanging for A day or 2.Why? Well to be frank, my inspiration doesn't come every day, and sometimes it hits me like a hammer! So I'm going to have a weekly routine of posting. 1 a day minimum post. So you guys my choose my "routine" for example. mr X comments: " i would like you to have a suggestion box on wednesday" or mr. Y "would you like to talk about addons a bit more? doesnt matter what day." So something like that.

Though i would like to do: mission: monetize x1 a week, tips x1, open-discussion or guest post x1 a week. or more doesn't really matter.
If you guys want something to say in this blog, this is your time ;-)
On another note, i'll make an email adress today or tomorow so guests can ask me questions without anyone else "butting" in, or submitting guest posts or what ever you like.

Thank you all for reading this blog!

EDIT: just saw i had my: 100st visit yesterday! and that this last week i'm getting a steady visitors stream! jeuj! (read: whooohooo *arms in the air*)


  1. It's maybe not what you are asking for but I was wondering: do you use standard settings for Auctioneer or do you adjust the settings/configuration? And if you adjust: what are the settings you use?


  2. I adjust my settings for Auctioneer.
    I'm not going to tell you all my settings as a comment, since it would be long. but a few examples: i undercut by 1% not the 2.5% standard. for searches i want a minimum seen count of 50. for resale: minimum proffit for 50S (and this goes slightly higher if i have more money ex. 10K money = 1G profit minimum)
    I'll try and make a movie today or tomorow.

    and thanks for reading the blog!

  3. I'm looking forward to the vid :-))