Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tip: Flooding or an all time low price: What to do?

What i've heard from others is that there are real problems with flooding and goods that are too cheap.
Practicly they are the same thing (or the good has become worthless due new recipes etc)
I've already posted my solution somewhere else and got some good reactions on it so i'm posting it as a part of my blog.

So the goods are too cheap... what do you do?

- wotlk has been out for a while now and probably some gatherers have seen the prices and (not a bad) droprate from the Goods , so they are (mass) gathering it. Which in turn means that they are undercutting each other and pressing the price down.

- Crafters don't have a real need for it, they craft other goods that don't require it (or at least not a lot). This can effect the price (less demand) most probably they don't need it because: other goods have more profit, price was too high, better gear, etc. Though some will still need it for skill up, haven't got better gear yet, profitable again...

Personal solution:
i would say start buying slowly (very slowly like 1-5% of the market) each day. the Gatherers will see that profit is too low, and that it is selling badly and will eventually stop posting it. When the supply is limited again, start dropping the goods very slowly (at the rate you bought) on the market again. this will ensure that the price stays up for a while. If it starts dropping again, sell untill you aren't making profit anymore.
rinse and repeat.

This tactic can mean though that you have the goods in your bank for a month or even more if the gatherer is really persistent (braindead). And you need another income to compensate for your investment. But in time it will pay up.


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