Friday, May 22, 2009

The World is ever changing...

As we must adapt in-game, so must we in the blogosphere.
With this post (and the poll at the right side) I want you to say what you want in this blog...

More Videos?
Pictures next to the posts?
Another layout?
A weekly routine of posts? (ex: monda = deep thoughts, thuesday: starter tips, etc)
Guest posts?
nothing = it's great already?

well let me know what you think!



  1. I am keep thinking about it as well,
    we started blogging around the same time mate :).

    Pictures next to the posts is nice,
    I insist that in all my posts, since wall of text is kinda boring to me. And a quick google can find up some funny things as well. But hey, Gevlon and Markoc didn't always had a pic as well. Skrooge did thought, so it's only a style thing I guess.

    I am into A weekly routine of posts as well.
    Had come up with different columns/session I would like to talk about.

    The Layout now is elegant IMO.

    Guest post is what I eagar to do too, but I guess not much people are willing to submit to mine blog anyway.

    What do you think youself?

  2. Personally,
    I would like some pic's though my WoWpic-thing ain't working. I'm still not sure about the weekly routine, i like it, but i have a lot of, on the moment thoughts. I love the lay-out personally, and the guest posts would be nice.
    But indeed, i think there aren't many ppl willing.
    I would like to know why not, though.

  3. I would recommand the Wow Modeler, I used that to make my banner, and I guess skrooge is using it as well. Really a great tools for Character poseing, edit with photoshop then it'll be lovely, you'll need some ingame backgroud photo though...

    I personally do longer article, and would like that at least once a week(I like to write longer post and it takes up one or two weeks of work for me).
    I enjoy your short posting as well, pieces of gems and updates from time by time. I guess many will feel the same as well. So don't worry much on style :)

  4. Sorry for the anon, not got an account.

    Anyway, nice blog, but in my opinion a couple of things that you can do in future can make a massive difference.

    To be brutally honest, your grammar, spelling, punctuation etc. isn't the best, and just by copy and pasting your posts into a spellchecker would do wonders, as it gives it a much more 'professional' look to it.

    Take a look at all the other blogs, most, if all of them have perfect spelling and grammar.

    Hope that this criticism wasn't insulting, but constructive.

  5. Don't worry, it was constructive criticism.
    I'm going to make 2 points though ;)
    1) i mostly write these at work, which means that i actually don't have too much time, for a first check, so i would need to post them at the evening, problem: after work, i study (i do open-unief)
    2) i'm from belgium, which means my spellingchecker is dutch ... i tried to get an english one from microsoft but well lets just say that didn't go to well.

    But i'll try and do something about the grammar and spelling, though i thought it wasn't that bad...

    thanks for the comment, i'll try to uphold it