Friday, May 8, 2009

Tip: Low lvl jewelcrafting!

So you all get yet another update today! (third already! im on a roll ;-) though don't expect it too much)

with an alt of mine (Ariäna) i'm a miner/jewelcrafter. And she earned me 250G in pure proffit this week!
And its very simple and doesn't neccesarly mean grinding. Ari quests and mines if she sees one so i dont go on an hour mining spree or something like that. whell right now i'm past the copper/bronze bars (well almost beyond the bronze) in jewelcrafting, but i still get a lot of copper ores while Questing. Sure i can sell the ores or bars for +/- 2-3G a stack but, well be frank that ain't a lot!

so when i have 40 copper ores and some gems, i prospect 20 and smelt 20, that ussualy gives me enough to make: a couple of rings etc. well i make about 8-10 malachite pendants or tigereyes band or such. which sells for about 1-2G each (depending on the time and competition)
Now say for your self:
40 copper bars = 6G
8 (lets take the minimum) rings (1G each) = 8G
10 (lets take the max.) rings (2G each then) = 20G!
so thats 20G profit, jsut to lvl my alt! i don't even have to do something extra!
So you just started playing? this is a serious lowlvl goldmaker!

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  1. This is a great tip. I didn't pick up JC until Lich King came out, or shortly before, so I just powered through the early stuff as cheaply as I could.
    This is a great way for a new character to make mount money while levelling and then some.

    Good tip!