Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mission: Monetize = 5K+ worth!

Hey all!

I got Monetize up to 5K yesterday! (worth) and 3K in tha pocket!
With the tips of Markco I finally got myself back up to 150 auctions! So what did i do with 3K in my pockets? went to DMF with an alt, and bought a lot of herbs there. back at IF AH I bought an eternal belt buckle that was going cheap (half price) , a lot of vision dust (all about 40%) cheap herbs (everything below 50%) and some saronite ore. Ive let a mate of mine smelt the ores, and selling the saronite barsfor double that i've payed them. eternal belt buckly sold about 10mins after i posted it. An alchemist produced somoe flasks of endless rage for me (giving the herbs i bought from ah) and selling them. the rest of the herbs are going back on AH a couple at a time and the same goes for the vision dust. I've also stumbled on some primal mana (10%! of worth) so thats going backon AH again 2 at a time. But what i think was the biggest catch is this: Bone-Framed Bracers. I already sold them once with a 25G profit, so i know it sells. Now yesterday i bought them for 120G which is about HALF its worth on our server! i looked at AH and yes there where 2 of them one at 290 and one at 310G!... my eyes rattled with dollar and euro signs! so i posted them at ah for a nice 289G and waiting on them to sell :-)

God i can't wait to get back online later!
I hoped you enjoyed my post today!

have fun,
and don't forget...
A fortune starts with one copper

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