Friday, May 15, 2009

tip: know who youre competing with!

Today i saw Qü again, i hate that fellow... he makes a living by undercutting me.
This though reminded me that i haven't updated the blog today, and give me a todays tip right in my head.

If you see a fellow auctioneer/banker. add him to your friends list. and put up a note (i use notesuneed for this, but blizz's note is sufficient.) Mostly you can see the serious fellow bankers from a mile away... dressed out in tuxedo's or dresses. But why would i do this you ask? Well it has a couple of advantages: you can see when they are online. (for example: if your seeing 10orso online, wait with posting and buy stuff since they ussually lower the price) You can use the general search to search by name. so just have a look at those bankers in your friends tab, and see if they have some low priced mats on it (this is ussually true sunday eve and monday -since they want to get rid of their maths) or to just have a look at what they are doing. (for example: if you see 2-3 bankers posting lets say borean leather dont post it right now, they are competing and probably overflowing the market!). You'll also get an idea of when to bid, no other bankers online = Bid now! bid bid bid! ^^

Well this was my small tip for today.

A fortune starts with one copper!


  1. Good idea. I'll have to try this.

  2. let me know how it worked out okaj? ;)