Thursday, May 28, 2009

Crafter's Gold: Riding the train to 450

We've all been there... we need to craft itemX to get some skillpoints but we don't have the mats... You go to the AH and see that the prices are so high you want to cry in a little corner... *cough* i mean you want to Swear the hell out of it!
Now what do 90% of the people do... they buy it anyway...
Crafters are the most impatient buyers that have ever walked this earth. you know it, I know it, damn (!) even they know it! Well let's make some gold out of it!

- Do not buy the mat's when they are skyhigh! I know this looks like a no brainer but still half of uss do it. Ex. i'm at 435 lw with my newly dinged 80hunter. and i need 10arctic furs to lvl up to 440...(in total i need about 20) Yesterday the price was about 190% of value (130G!)... be honest now... how many of you would have bought it just to get that skillpoint? huh? am i right? Bad habit! go to rehab, don't do it! it ain't bad if you need to wait a day orso to get that skillpoint.

- Let the braindead and needy pay for your skill up. one of my advertisings are simple: Crafting [Proffesion] your mats 5G fee, free if I get a skill up!
Yes, i actually lose a little on this one. i lose Time... but that's it. if you want to get to 450 and you are at 400+ it is a reasonable loss. (once you get to 450 the gold can come rolling in)

- Movement: charge for your time, as said in the former example, you lose time by crafting. okaj not much but still, let's say your in dalaran, and someone at ironforge wants you to come. you can try to get a extra gold or even just 50s for the effort, 85% of the people will pay the 50s for your trouble!

- not the highest skill! This is so true that most of uss forget it! It ain't true that only 450skills pay the bills... my borean armor kits and nerubian leg armor both sell well and are around 400 skill lvl... and they give about 20G profit a piece!

- buy mats when the prices are low and sell your stuff when their prices are high for some extra profit! easy and simple trick!

- know when to sell, kind of a duh, but still. sell your potions before raid nights, sell your armor kits/enchants just after it. and look at them fly out the door!

Well this was supposed to be a small post about crafters and AH but here i went and constructed a wall of text. Though i feel like this has a lot more info in it, i hope you all enjoy it.

Remember: A fortune starts with one copper!


  1. Great post! I know excatly what you mean when it comes to crafting! I have been leveling jewelcrafting latelty, up to 220, but found myself paying twice as much as the usual going rate for some gems.

    Here is another tip: If you know a particular profession is popular to level, google that profession's leveling guide. From that guide you can discover what items the power leveler is going to be using. That information alone can help you decide which items to focus on and which can be ignored.

  2. Wiggins,
    Great Tip! also, as a bonus: as a gatherer you can make a great profit gathering the items for a powerlvler.