Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Blog Updates!

Hello all,

i'm back in (near) full health!
the real post of today will be posted shortly after this one.
But as you all can see the poll is comming to an end, and the results so far are pretty clear:
You all want Video's and a Weekly routine. The vids i'll probably start making in the weekend (any idea's are welcome!) but i'll give you my weekly routine right here and now!

Monday Morning Hangover huh? how did i get here?
Thuesday: Group Therapy Interviews & thoughts from Fellow Goldmakers
Wednesday: Deep thoughts my thoughts about drama...
Thursday: Crafters Gold turn that metal/fur/linnen in to gold!
Friday: "1 gold plz" Starting out ain't that difficult!
Weekend: --------------- RL taking over, sporadic updates

I hope you all are a bit happy with this set-up?
if not, you may always comment.

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