Sunday, May 10, 2009

my First: Thank you! so Thank you!

Sunday there were a lot of deals so i went from my 3.4K back to 2.5K and I am waiting untill i can repost the lot (mainly soul dusts since they are sooooo cheap at ah right now)
While scanning I got a whisper from my guildie that asked me about a week ago how to make money, so i'm going to quote him:

"Hey Ell. (its a piece of my Ravenholdt's main name) Thank you sooo much, i just reached 500G, especially your blog and tips on ench(read: enchanting) mats we're awesome!"

Ok, i admit 500G isn't "off the records" but he started with 5G not a week ago! that certainly means He's doing it right! That was my first thank you on the Blog so far!
I had some well done comments before from guildies and ppl that visit the blog, but this made me feel very good and squishy inside! :-)

This and his comments here on the blog, make it all worth doing,
So Chiman, This Post is for you!
Thank you for your input, your comments on the blog and your ingame Whispers!
Keep it up!

anyone else had some good experience with this blog?

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