Sunday, May 17, 2009

the weekend...

Hey all,
sorry i havn't updated lasst weekend. I've been quite busy with RL activities which didn't allow me time for the blog. Therefor i also didn't have much time to think about a blogpost, and will keep a short mission update: (more tips and info will ofcourse follow later today or tomorow)

With Monetize I reached 5K in pockets yesterday morning, well i fell back to 4K in pockets, since i swa sword of jin for half price. (bought it for 950G and selling it for 2K right now) so if htis works i'll have 6K :-)
i'm only worht 6.7K right now, and only have 70something auctions left! the market is falling a bit, and went from 270 to 200pages over my 2 scans in the weekend. I'm still figuring out a solution to this problem, since this is by far the lowest pagecount from AH i've seen so far!

on another note: my razorheads are selling well (buying saronite arrowmakers for 44G and sellign the 2K arrows for 60G). Almost have no titanium left (7bars) but waiting untill there are less singles at ah before i'm posting those again (somebody is posting a lot of singles on them right now... maybe a blog reader?)

oh well thats about it for now.
so how was your weekend? good trading? and what about your AH, is it small big or something else?


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