Monday, May 18, 2009

Tip: using [/2 Trade:]

"Yes It's being spammed all the time, yes there are braindead's there, yes Bliz ignore's it and yes, a lot of people are afraid of it. There is a chance you'll be infected by a terrible disease, but you must learn to use it, and venture in it's cold scary depths!" - Seth

We all know that Trade channel is an extent of Barrens-talk (read: ain't worth anything at first sight) But it's one of the best tools we've got. And on an RP/RPPVP server this tool can do things for you that you haven't dreamed possible!

I'm goign to start with an example, in this post that I'm sure is going to be a wall of text:
Enchanting: Have you noticed that selling the scrolls isn't so popular? I'll tell you why: half of the people don't know what the enchant they want is called. and are a) to lazy to search or b) braindead. So Selling your goods over trade can be a nice extra.
Same goes with your Cooldowns (titansteel, alchemy: transmute, etc) a lot of people don't want the hassle of going to ah and browse, and rather buy it straight of Trade.

So what to do with Trade?
First make a macro!
typing = time consuming
time = money
typing = less money = less profit = BAD!
use the macro when you're in a capital city. once when you enter and once when you're about to leave.
Never, ever say : W me offer! ! ! i can't stress this enough, you'll be sucked in by the braindead and get their infection in no time! no seriously, don't say it, you'll get a hundred whsipers that they are willing to pay 15Gold for your titansteel bar or 50G for your sword of jin, etc.
Say th minimum price you want + 25%. they will haggle and you'll have some manouvering space.

Learn to take a look at Trade (yes i know its disgusting but do it!) You'll see some poor snob spamming ah with: WTS 200 saronite bar or something alike. When selling by trade they expect to get rid of their goods, as fast as possible. Which means they are selling cheaper (and sometimes a lot!) then AH, which in turn means that you can sell them for more on AH... getting the point? (point = Profit!)

the Braindead and rude people:
Report them! seriously Report them! Yes they will only get a 3h ban the first 3times but then it'll be a 6h ban and after a while a 24/48h ban. Then they should learn. Also Ignore them! use the tools given to you by almighty Blizzard, ignore the hell out of them ( ^^ ) If there are too many, search for an add-on that grants you an extra ignore list etc.
Do not ask them to stop, it will become worse if you do. I'm on an RPPVP serve with monetize and use /2 a lot. (for selling items i don't have but i can buy from ah if someone awnsers) And i'm known there by the Braindead since i've gotten them a couple of bans (read: about 243+) I use things like: Selling some excellent boar meat, perfect condition, prime meat! (you catch my drift)
First reaction i get: OOOhhh it's monetize! selling some overpriced stuff again? or don't you already own half the AH? etc etc first time i saw this it was: i'm just trying to make a living, and they went on for 30mins! (i know i logged in with an alt after 10mins and flew to IF and they were still at it!) so now i do it the easy way: report them! i also use NotesuNeed so i can make a note everytime some braindead's invade Trade. and if you're consistent you'll see that there are a lot of names that keep popping up!

I went a bit of topic so i think it's about time to close up, last tip:
Keep your eyes on Trade, you'll see at least 1 good deal a day

and remember:
a fortune starts with one copper

EDIT: typos (sorry!)

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  1. I cannnot agree more.

    TRADE has some really stupid people, but also some amazing bargains.
    The best is when people urn out of bag space and want to sell large amounts of eg. Frostweave Cloth for very cheap and that rush forces them to sell for even cheaper if you offer to buy in quantity eg. 20 stacks.

    I do this with Eternal Belt Buckle Suppliers and normally get my prices almost at cost when I buy 10+

    Ive also started ranting about this in some of my posts over at: