Thursday, May 21, 2009

starter: Selling sweet candy to a baby

Hey all,
Since the blog is becomming more popular, i'm getting quite a few mails and even tells ingame, off people who like the blog but don't know how to get started... Almost all of them are lvl70+...
For uss it's simple, we know the market, and know where the money lays but for a lot of people this isn't so clear.
That's why i'm giving you crafters a little layout today:
So today... i'm going to give you some info about what sells REALLY well and what doesn't.
Though, i must say, that this is easier if you have the required proffession, you can do without.

Sweet sweet candy:
Flask of Endless Rage: i bought them yesterday for 22G each, listed 10 and 2h later they all sold (for 27G each) no brainer here, you can easily sell 10-20 a day for a nice price in the week/raiddays.
LegArmor: the highest leg armor (nerubian and jormungar) sell for about 45-55G at my server and the maths (2 of chiting or jormungar scales) cost 10G/20stack + 35G for borean leather. so that means : 35G + 1G (the 10G stack can be used 10times!) that you can have a profit of 9-16G! and they sell pretty well! (about 4 of each a day).
Heavy borean leather: hmmm this is sweet candy right here.. (at least on my server) have a look at normal borean leather, at my server its about 7G a full stack. while heavy borean leather = 120G(!) You need about 6 (i think) borean leather to get a heavy leather sooo. 20x6= 120 borean leathers for a full stack of the heavy one's. so 6stacks at about 7G cost you: 42G... and you sell it for 120G! this is a nice profit and sells pretty well, ofcourse, you'll dry out the AH if you do this every day. So be carefull!
Titanium bars... this is a buy by stack and sell by ones.. which can get you a decent profit and can be done for about 6-9 bars a day. pretty simple, not too much profit (about 1-2G a bar) but it gives you a steady stream of money.

It ain't that sweet, but it sure ain't a vegetable!
Transmutes: The long cooldown transmutes can get you some money, even just the mithril => Truesilver can get you a pretty penny! ofc, this can't be done very often (cooldown and all)
Titansteel: i've looked at this and the maths here are higher then the bar, so at my server this can't be done, but you should have a look at yours and see if it can get a nice penny.
Belt buckles: you are certain that these sell, and they can be worth a lot. though from what i see, is that they sell slowly (about 1-2 a day).
Glyphs: Once you are in, you can get wealthy fairly fast. the problem is... getting in. Greedy Goblin and JM2C both are in it, and look at their money: HUGE! problem though is getting their, whats making money in glyphs right now? the glyphs that come from books.... so before you can get rich, you'll be poor once more. You need some Northrend glyphs that gives you an edge, even if someone else has it, you need to be able to control it. Once your in control its a safe haven to money, its just the getting there thats hard. (and for me not worth it)
JC: low lvl JC (lvl10-19) can give you some nice gold, even at those lvls about 1G profit for a necklace ain't bad. higher lvl gems are also nice for profit though it's a bit of a search when you first get there.
Spellthreads: well look at the beltbuckles, they sell for nice profit, just a bit slower.
Shoulders... Yes shoulders.. but only the first you can make.. and for tailors this goes with headgear too. They sell fairly fast, and for a small profit. so low lvl crafter and need some money? => make shoulders!
Enchanting: barking it over /2 is a fairly common tactic, add a bit of flavor and you'll be selling some in no-time.
Scopes: good sellers (all of them) though they need some time.

eeeewwww Daddy, i don't like no spinage

Low level armor kits aren't sold .. if you have the maths for free and need to lvl up try it some time, i'm not getting this moved even if i gave money with them.
some scroll enchants, sell very badly too. have a look at what sells first. put up an enchanting scroll and see if it sells , if it doenst, don't put it up again.
gear (requires engineering 150): is probably the worst seller out there, why? 'cause they can make it themselfs! maybe an enchanter would buy these, but you'll have to go very low with the price, and you can wave byebye to your profit.

I think this is enough for now, test these tips, and let me know what sells for you.

for comments: anything i forgot, or that you say, this worked really well for me?


  1. On a side note on inscription
    the material cost of a glyph is 1-3g (my server price of ink of the sea),
    The Northen Book do sell well, but the common trainer learnable glyph also sold for 5-10g, about 200-300% profit. while one can hardly dominate the market, the profit margin is great. (and there are 20-30 type of glyphs I can sold per day). So typically I made 200-400g a day
    (I just started at this weekend :) and have little minor and glyph selling)

    And there is one more thing...
    The Darkmoon card and Inks for crafting it...

    Wish that helps...

  2. The Darkmoon Card.. forgot about that one!
    That indeed is a good seller... though my personal view is: i don't like glyphs, i make enough money without them, and well, i think the market is going to dry-up, while competition is high, i rather have a sure seller, if you catch my drift ^^ ooh well personal view i guess.

    Thanks for reading! and it indeed helped!

  3. wow 27g for flasks!!!! they still go for there old 2hour flask price 60g+ on my sever QQ!!!!

  4. @Anonymous

    Lucky you! if you have a friend with alchemy (or you do it yourself) = BIG profit, for little work!
    Go for it i would say!