Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wednesday...slow Day

I had a slow day yesterday, only made 100G and a couple of vendors (I still can't believe someone can be so stupid or ignorant!... check the vendor price first!)
But with Help of Markco and his guide, i'm going to do something new! (or atleast i'm going to do it at a bigger extent/market)
Right now all my income is comming in as, as we call it "Shotgun bursts" I buy something up if its low priced and resell it. ex. Nesingwary 4000 and combat plated shotgun. bought for 200G under value and resell it. Boom, Boom, 2x 200G profit. then its quiet for two days (getting an average of 100G profit a day (+/- 500G incomming that is). Boom! 5 frostweave bags sold (5x15G profit) - Extra profit i mean.
So extra profit is nice and shotgun bursts work nice, for the first 2K orso...
But now i need some extra streaming profit.
So i'm going with commoditie selling. probably low lvl(1-60) ores/herbs and mid-endlvl(60-80) leather.
It'll be a big risk (draining all my money steadily before i can get my cashflow rolling but i have trust that this will work. (hopefully...please?)
So i'll let you know in the following days how i'm doing. and what I'm selling.


don't forget, you guys can still ask me for a video for what you think is worth showing!

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