Sunday, May 24, 2009

Monday Morning Hang-over

Monday Morning Hang-over, is my newly created monday post. It will let you know what the weekend brought and more... or at least it will when my headache disappears.

It's been a busy weekend. though for some reason Monetize, still has 4.5K and 7K worth... i think it was my shopping spree...
I bought all the bagsslots of my personal bank, including netherweave bags to match them.
I also bought around 300-500 borean leather (!) to lvl my lw on my main. It's 433 now and have my full gear ready for lvl78 (im 77 3/4 right now). I'm also converting a lot of borean to heavy borean leather and making several armorkits, which are bringing me steady money (about 45G a kit, mats cost: 24G or so right now). I'm also using snatch more and more for cheap mats, though i will keep scanning manually. (yes i know this ain't efficient, but i trust my eyes more then an add-on) So i kept my worth up but didn't make a lot of profit.
Also my arrowmaker => saronite razorheads-bussiness has come down (again) since the guy knows what i'm doing (again), so i'll have about 50G profit less a week. I didn't start the Frostweave-bag selling since the prices keep hanging around 70G/piece. Though i did find a lot of resales. and had a stunning 50% bid-wins (!). i'm still waiting for them to sell.

How was your weekend? did the thursday-friday vacation bring some extra gold?

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  1. Sadly, I didn't have time for the monday buying spere (I just can't find enough time for that /. .\)

    And those come-back trader kept on soaking up the market for those "sweet deal".
    I do setup a macro for buying material on /2 though and got couple of cheap book on that :)
    I am more the less getting out of the buy-low-sell-high market for now... (and selling the remain stock slowly)

    Grtz on new column, Seth...