Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Starter Tip: stocking up and selling by ones

Hey All,
Today i'm going to give a few tips about:
- buying low, selling high: stocking up
- maximizing profit: from stacks to ones

so let's get this started,

buying low, selling high: stocking up
You will need to have some seed money for this, and the ability to be patient. if you have both go on reading. On my server the prices of soul dust tumbled the last week, and about 60-70% of them are selling for 20-35% of their value! If your selling this is probably the worst that could happen and you should wait to sell your goods. though for the aspiring AHplayer. The thing you need to do here is actually very simple, buy 2-3 stacks of the goods every day. Do NOT buy them all out! yes i know a lot of people do say you have to do that. but here is my opinion:
if you buy them all out => it stops right there, the prices go up again and the next day the market is back or almost back to normal. if you keep buying 2-3 a day (or more depends on how many there are or how many sellers are posting a day) the depression will continue and you can keep stocking up. so i can buy 10 at a time but the depression ends or i can buy 3*7 (=21) for a week and wait untill the depression ends or buy everything out after a week of gathering the goods from the AH.
After the depression on the market, the price will steadily rise again, once its at your desired value. start selling 2-3 stacks a day. (or more depending on demand)
so for a small example: let's say i bough 21 stacks of the dust for 1G a stack. (30%)
once it reaches 2G a stack i post 3 stacks, and keep posting 3 stacks a day. after my 21 stacks sold i've made: 42G-5%(2.1G)-21G=18.9G profit.
Use more expensive mats or wait untill the price is higher to make more profit using this fairly easy technique!

maximazing profit: from stacks to ones

This is what I do on my server with Titanium bars, and to be frank yesterday it made me 50G profit. (on one day!) and i only sold 5 from the 40bars i have.
This technique supports on 2things: first you'll need to compare full stacks to singles.
Ex. Good X is selling for 5G for 1 and 50G for 20. if you can do some basic math you'll see that the 50G for 20 is severly underpriced. (2.5G for 1) and you should buy it.
Do notice though: that it could be that the 2.5G is 100% and 5G is 200% of the price, but you don't need to worry about that since it doesn't matter for the "customer". so you bought the stack of twenty. now you need to see if there is another one using this technique or that your the only one with singles. (ex. on my server the titanium bars (stack) was selling for 100% and the singles for a smacking 350%! i can tell someone is using the technique just by looking at that)
now post 5singles (NOT more!) just below the 5G (lets say 4G95s) and continue this everytime the opertunity arises. now lets do the calculation: for every itemX you sell you'll get 4G70s25C and you sold it times 20 = 94G5s you bought the 20 items for 50G soooo... 44G5S pure profit!

These two techniques can be used on large scale and can make an enormous profit! The other good thing about them is: no farming needed, personally i don't like farming, i only do it about well... once a month? i farm while i quest and i hate to go kill stuff or fly around just for some ore or leather. it has no sense, no purpose. With these techniques you can eliminate the sensless killing or flying.
do note that this is time consuming and youll be at the AH 5mins longer for every item your using one of the techniques with.

thing to think about: you can use the two techniques simultanious, increasing your profit even more! (about 150%-220% of your normal profit)

suggestions or comments are welcome!


  1. Seems that we all facing the same problem and solution all along :)
    I had planned to write an article on this, and well, it kept on my draft area for over half a month now, and never got it started...

    Looks like you had a even better intepretion if I ever write that, good work...

    On a side note that "from stacks to ones"
    auctioneer can auto calculate the per-one-price for you, so we don't actually do the math myself...

    Keep up the good work :)

  2. Waaah! I've read about this at Markco's place, but I didn't do anything b/c I was 'too scared' and reading your post just made everything seem clearer and less scary! Thank you! I'll try it with saronite (ahaha...?) but I'll be cheap and bid on them instead of b.o. them.

    *crosses finger and hopes that it work*

    Thank you for the nice post ^_^


  3. Thank you both for the comments!

    Zekta, oops auctioneer indeed does that... well i'm at work and couldn't check it, sorry for that mistake!

    Kohaku, i'll keep my fingers crossed for you! ^^