Wednesday, May 13, 2009

a skinners tip: knothide leather

It doesn't matter on which server i am, this almost always seems to be true:
There is almost no knothide leather on the AH. I don't know why, but i've hopped over 6 servers (from heavy populated to new ones) and there's never enough knothide leather. I don't know why this is, maybe it isn't farmed because people are blazing through content when they are so close to exp. the frozen wastes of Northrend? or it just drops very bad? (believe me it does, i still hate outland for it. 50% for one leather per kill pffff) Well it doesn't really matter why there isn't much, what mathers is: there isn't much! ^^
If you've been reading my blog you know that i hate grinding... really really hate it. for me It's pointless and after 30mins i just quit it. BUT there is a way to get the leather. without the feel of grinding: Nangrand.
It's full of beasts (jeuj leather!) you can do quests (all kill beasties quests jeuj!) and you get an achievement! (jeuj!)
It's simple: go to the easteren part of nangrand and do all the nesingwary safari quests. if you complete them = achievement. And all of them let's you kill beasties. (one of the beasts - the owls - can't be skinned though). I discovered this after my leatherworker dinged 70 and still couldn't use the borean leather. aah noo i still needed 10points before i could go on to the next step. but i really really didn't want to grind. and there was no absolutly no knothide leather on the AH. i've let a lvl 66 grind it for me, but after 2h he could only show me one freaking stack.. (about 1 skillpoint :( damn the outland recipes needed much leather) So i decided to fly around a bit in outland and see what i could do. thats when i remembered the nesingwary Q's and that i still hadn't done them... it made my day. So do you like to grind,do you know someone who wants to do it for you or do you still have a pile of them in your lw bag? Sell those things at the AH! you'll be one of the few selling them. (in my exp.) which means ==> others have skyrocketed the price. (since a fair amount of people need it, but there is no supply) and you'll be able to get pretty easy profit.

Now don't go expecting a lot of these "grind untill you die" tips now ;-). Though i will let you know what you can gather and sell while you lvl, the above is a expetion to my rule: don't grind Seth, or you'll get cranky. (spelled right?)

and remember:
A fortune starts with one copper!

Is it true for your server? are there anyother normal gathering materials that aren't sold a lot?


  1. "grind until you die" is worth doing if that thing you are grinding gives you lotsa money or lets you monopolize a market.

    Knothide leather is an awesome example. ^_^

    Oh, don't forget to put them up in stacks of 5 also... there's this quest in SMV that requires 5 reg. knothide leather.

    And yup, my server's knothide leather market is sorta down, but I think there are some knothide leather scraps and heavy ones on AH... I gotta go check :3

  2. Good point!
    well i always put some up in 1,5 and 20s

  3. Don't forget stacks of 2 and 10~ XD

  4. to be frank, I never use a stack of 2 and rarely use stack of 10 they don't seem to sell.
    On other servers this could be a good tip though ;-)

  5. Better yet.. don't kill them! Wander around and offer your 'help' to someone who IS doing the quest in return for the leather. They'll LOVE you helping them, and you get the yummy. Toss out a bit of dps and farm more in less time.