Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Deep thoughts: Drama about a name!

Hey all,
This is something I want to share with you all. I'm not going to give names or the site where it happened but i need to get it of my chest.

On a forum a discussion broke out, and someone said i "steal" information and "copy" names!
Now i want to let you all know that
- I never ever steal/copy other blog's posts! If i do a post on a similar topic, i see that i don't post it at the same time, and that i use my own tactics and views.
- I did NOT copy the name for this blog from markco's jm2c (note: Markco isn't saying this either its a 3th party) my name comes from: a fortune starts with one copper, which is a saying in belgium ("een miljoen begint met een frank" translated: a million starts with one buck)
- This blog started not because of jm2c or doesn't want to "reign on his parade" this blog has started since i thought gevlon was closing his, and i got my idea to start my own from there.
- i do NOT want to duplicate any information out there, while ofc there are a lot of common tactics, i try to give my own view on the subject/tactic.

I also know that most of you know this already or at least believe me.
And for non-believers: yes a lot of visitors are comming from blogrolls and markco's forum etc. but isn't that the proof that i'm doing something else? and doing it fairly good?

So with this, a thank you for my readers who like this blog.
and even a thank you for the non-believer who tried to put me down, since you just gave me a new label to post once a week.

grtz Seth


  1. Don't be so upset about it,
    there was other site "stealing idea" Recently. Therefore they may be very sensitive about it, time will tell...

    Don't worry,


  2. I won't thanks for your support Zekta