Wednesday, May 20, 2009

other: If you would all look towards Seth....

My cheecks are turning red, i'm blushing and can't stop it!
I've already told that my blogviews have tendoubled (i went from 10 to 100 pageviews a day!)
but reccently my name and this blog has popped up on several other blogs,
and with this post i would like to return the favor:

Thank you Zekta,
For the nice posts you bring us every week, and for including me in your Sunday report

Thank you AHantics,
For dedicating a post to my blog! As always it was a great read, The Good, The Bad and the Lazy will love it.

Thank you WoWenomics Team!
For including me in your blogroll! The updates to the site are fantastic!

It seems that i forgot one other person... Sorry Skrooge!
Skrooge has also added me to his blogroll today, thank you and sorry about forgetting you!

After my 3th post today, i'm throwing in the towel, well at least untill tomorow,
See you all then!

1 comment:

  1. Happy to have you aboard Seth. Keep up the good work!