Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Video: indepth configuration of Auctioneer

Hey all,
my sec video is comming up!
It's a quick review of the indepth config of Auctioneer, sorry about the low quality but i have a max upload of 100MB here on blogspot.com

Edit: oh my god... i hate my own voice and was waaay to nervous.
If anyone wants it changed, just leave a comment ;-)


  1. Just happened across your blog today at work. Looks good. I look forward to watching the videos since I have some configuration issues to work out.

  2. recently found your blog from the forums at justmytwocopper.blogspot.com, only suggestion I have right now is upload videos to youtube, they are larger but still maintain quality making it a lot easier to watch and see what you are doing.

  3. Valrot,
    I will do that, yesterday i didn't have time for it. So i'm thinking today or tommorow. Thank you for the comment!

    thank you for your comment! I hope you liked the blog!