Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mission: Monetize - small AH = not good for bussiness

Mission: Monetize is slowly progressing or even comming to a stand still.
Yesterday i reached the 6K worth but with half of it in cash! (about 3.3K)
The problem is the AH, its too small to make big and fast profit, so it's going slower then i'm used too. A lot slower actually. But i'm not going to whine here. I'm going to let you know what brings in the most profit right now:
the stack to singles rule, is currently the one bringing in the most gold. i buy 20 titanium bars (already have 4 stacks of them and a couple of singles at ah) for about 100G or less (so thats 5G a bar) and sell them for 8G per single. I sell 3-5 of them a day so thats a steady income of about 10G. (oooh the horror only 10 gold!)
i sold bone-framed bracers yesterday for 190G so thats 40G profit on them. and various herbs bought at Darkmoon faire, gave me around 8G profit this weekend. some glyphs that i aqcuire through a trade agreement are selling but only with minimum profit (about a Gold per glyph). The Soul dusts i was collecting are finally paying off and are selling on 100% which is about 1.10G profit a stack and 15s per single. (so i'm selling those in singles right now)
Apart from that its all the 20% deals where i make the rest of my money.

If you remember, i made a trade agreement for 3-5 bags frostweave a week. and well her price went up. So i'm paying 80G a bag and putting them up for auction at 100G. The problem here however is that some of my fellow bankers discovered this (apperantly) and are posting them too. which is resulting in a undercut-war. Since i have not much cash on hand, i dropped the trade agreement for the frostweave bags for now.

On the buying side of things, i finally got my full wardrobe. When i started, there where cheap tuxedo's at the market so i already had that (vest, pants and shirt). This weekend, i also bought the diamond tipped cane, silver cuflings and a monocle.. just because i want him to look good! This "investment" set me back about 100G. I was thinking about buying a mug for my hand, but i ain't no dwarf. also while questing with an alt, i bought a red rose, to make my banker a Don Juan. looked pretty nice.

and last but not least, on the blog side of it all, It's been a good couple of days with a lot of updates, and visitors. Which gives me the strength to keep going untill a 100K with this fellow.



  1. I am so jealous that you can get a monocle for your bank alts
    In my server, No-one knows about them, therefore none is for sale :( I searched for a month

    I finally settle down with Chief Architect's Monocle on my main (farmed the instance 9 times to get this)


  2. A tip for you then: fishing :-) It can come out of a bag of fishing treasure. And that bag is a quest reward for fishing in dalaran.


  3. I got one from fishing daily from Shat. Does it come out of the bag of fishing treasure from Dal fishing quest as well?

  4. Kohaku,

    yes, they come in shat and Dal (i got mine in dal :) )