Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Other: Double it baby!

Hey all!
this has nothing to do with AH or WoW, but i thought i'd share my happiness with you all!
Sunday eve i had a Total of 100 visits over 2 weeks on my blog, and i was happy since i thought it wasnt bad.
well monday alone i had: 67 visitors! so i'm hoping to double the total 100 today :-)

I want to thank Zekta and Marcko for this increase!
Zekta, thank you for including me on your blog roll! (which i hope will increase it further in the future)
and Marcko Thank you for the forum! (It's responsible for about 60 of the visits on monday!)
And Special thanks to you all, the readers! who make this worth posting!

later this eve or tomorow, I'm uploading (making it first) another video for y'all.
Since it was quite good from what ive heard.

Thank you all again ;-)
have fun on the blog!


  1. The Honor is mine,
    and for the traffic, the credit goes to Markco.

    I found that the document for auctioneer not very comprehensive to new user, and efforts (Graphic and Video) do great help for the new comers. Even as a Programmer myself, I take days to experiment with it. So I really appreciate your work on that for the community :)

    Keep the good work coming ^^

  2. Thank you, well for the traffic, i think i'll be thanking you too soon ;-)
    I do hope my second video is alright though since it's a bit long...
    oh well, thanks for commenting!